Resume Tips: Recruiters’ Top 20 resumé pet peeves


I recently stumbled upon this great list of resumé pet peeves from ResumeDoctor. They surveyed 2500 recruiters in North America from a variety of industries about their biggest pet peeves when it comes to resumés. Here’s the complete list, but you can check out the original list on ResumeDoctor for a more detailed explanation of each pet peeve.

If you think your resumé needs a bit of tweaking, compare it to this list to see which pet peeves you’re guilty of.

  1. Spelling errors, typos and poor grammar
  2. Too duty oriented – reads like a job description, failing to explain the job seeker’s relevant accomplishments
  3. Missing dates or inaccurate dates
  4. Missing contact info, inaccurate, or unprofessional email addresses
  5. Poor formatting – boxes, templates, tables, use of header and footers, etc.
  6. Resumés organized by job function as opposed to chronological by employer
  7. Long resumés – greater than 2 pages
  8. Long, dense paragraphs – no bullet-points
  9. Unqualified candidates – candidates who apply to positions for which they are not qualified
  10. Personal info not relevant to the job
  11. Missing employer info and/or not indicating what industry in which the candidate worked
  12. Lying and misleading – especially in terms of education, dates and inflated titles
  13. Objectives and meaningless introductions
  14. Poor font choice or style
  15. Resumés sent as PDF files, Zip files, faxes, or mailed resumes; i.e. not sent as a WORD attachment
  16. Irritating pictures, graphics or URL links
  17. No easy-to-follow summary of skills and accomplishments
  18. Resumés written with 1st person references, or in the 3rd person
  19. Unexplained gaps in employment
  20. Burying important info in the resumé