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Soul searching before job searching

globecampus“Choosing a company to work for and a job you want to do is kind of like figuring out which program and school you want to enrol in: it requires a lot of research and ‘soul searching’ before making the right decision. Here are some things to consider as you check out various potential employers and jobs this school year, whether they’re internships, co-op placements or permanent entry-level jobs.” By yours truly!

10 boilerplate phrases that kill resumés

SFGate – “Things have changed. Stodgy boilerplate phrases in your resume today mark you as uncreative and “vocabulary challenged.” You can make your resume more compelling and human-sounding by rooting out and replacing the boring corporate-speak phrases that litter it, and replacing them with human language – things that people like you or I would actually say.”

Job Seekers Want to Know: “Why Don’t You Call Us Back?”

The Hiring Site – “One respondent reported receiving up to 500 applicants for one filled position, while another said they had 50 – 100 applicants they were trying to reach each day, adding, ‘If they [recruiters] called very candidate back that called them they would be fielding candidate call backs all day.’  Okay, fair enough.”

The Montreal Mirror’s annual student survival guide

The Montreal Mirror – A student’s ultimate survival guide à la Montréal, including info on “living, working, getting there, eating, shopping, time out, services, health care, getting help [and] communities.”

Undergrad focus lets students thrive

The Globe and Mail“The roles of Canada’s many universities have come to the forefront this summer with the leaders of five research-intensive schools arguing that the country needs an elite group of postsecondary institutions focusing on research and graduate education. International competition and the increasing need to innovate require such measures, they say.”

Recession-Proof Graduate


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