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Living off-campus: How to feel connected

GlobeCampus – “When I went to my first-ever lecture of my freshman year, I felt like an outsider. I was sitting in a lecture hall with 450 other students, and I felt like a fake. I was sure they could tell I wasn’t one of them. That I was living off campus.”

After summer job slump, students seek financial help

Maclean’s OnCampus – “The number of students applying for entrance need-based awards to Dalhousie University increased by 62 per cent, said Pamela Swinimer, assistant registrar, financial aid at the Halifax university.

. . .

Ryerson University in Toronto made the decision to allocate $800,000 in its 2009-10 budget to ensure money for students on bursaries would continue to flow. Ryerson president Sheldon Levy said a proposal is being taken to the school’s board to further increase bursaries by $500,000.”

Schools look to push new punishment for cheaters

GlobeCampus – “A large Canadian university has decided to up the ante in the battle against cheating by creating a new grade for academic dishonesty. The move represents a more aggressive approach to rooting out cheating – a tactic that is becoming increasingly common across post-secondary institutions in Canada.

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Simon Fraser University recently added a new kind of punishment to its arsenal in order to deter would-be cheaters. The university can now give an “FD” grade – “failed for academic dishonesty” – to students who are found to have committed serious or repeated offences.

More back-to-school advice from a professor

Maclean’s OnCampus – “. . . while you may think of [emails] as a kind of instant messaging, most professors over 35 (which is most professors) see them as a kind of letter. Begin with “Dear Professor Smart,” spell words correctly and in full, and sign off respectfully. Never say (or imply) that you expect or need an answer right away. If it really is time-sensitive, say you know she’s busy and you would appreciate a reply as soon as possible. Notice that the above applies only to schools small enough where the professors actually answer emails.”

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