My Corporate Summer: Unwrapping fun at the office


Working as a receptionist is like being a professional chameleon which assists all the other animals in the corporate kingdom. As the Discovery Channel depicts, the animal kingdom is comprised of numerous inter-species relationships. This co-dependency extends to the corporate world and comes to a head at the reception desk.

After my first week manning the reception desk, I’ve learned that reception is really just a pseudonym for Office Help Centre. I am the operator when I’m directing calls. I’m the cleaning lady when I’m making sure the office kitchen is well stocked and clean. I am the gossip queen when co-workers need a break. Finally, I am the postal service when I’m sending and receiving packages, letters and company mail.

Working at an IT company means numerous, extremely large packages. After only a few short days, I was on a first name basis with the Purolator, Canada Post, and UPS delivery people.

Unfortunately, corporate mail duties are a little more complicated than just emptying out a mailbox. My massive reception desk is really just a means of hiding the multiple large boxes and packages that come in daily. With the number of packages and boxes I take in, I could make a fort that rivals Buckingham Palace. I’m not quite sure if building forts is part of my job description, though.

With all the incoming and outgoing mail flow, I have learned the art of organization. Unlike my personal mail, I can’t rip open the company packages and letters cannot be thrown on to the kitchen counter and ignored.

My day is now filled with completing ledgers and flowcharts to keep track of the items sent and received. After the documentation bit is done, though, I do play with the bubble wrap.

I guess no matter how many corporate responsibilities I have, I’ll always find time to unwrap some fun at the office.

About the author

Ishani Nath is a proud McMaster alum, aspiring writer and current journalism grad student at Ryerson University. When she's not hammering out articles, she can usually be found on a patio or nestled on a couch trying to keep up with those crazy Kardashians. She hopes to one day have a job that makes her excited to get up each morning, or at least one that gives her free food. Intrigued? Enthralled? Learn more by following her on @ishaninath.