My Corporate Summer: The vacation replacement


Summer was once meant for vacation and rest between school years, but it’s now a time for students to take their first steps into the work force. While students work their way through summer, regular employees get back to the original purpose of summer and go on vacation.

Due to this trade-off, I was recently assigned to a new position for the remainder of my corporate summer.

I work for a small company so vacation days are hard to come by. Our receptionist saved up her vacation days for three years so she could travel to Lithuania to visit her family.

Since my official position is “do whatever the boss needs you to do,” I was asked to assume the receptionist’s post while she jetted off for her family reunion.

Since the data input still needs to be completed, I was informed I would be doing both jobs simultaneously. The level of multi-tasking was originally intimidating; however, then I remembered I have frequently studied, listened to music, chatted and gotten ready for a night out simultaneously. Multi-tasking between inputting and tending to the reception desk was right up my alley.

I had to job-shadow the outgoing receptionist for three days prior to her departure. Initially, I thought the job would be easy. Answer phones, look pretty for the incoming clients and photocopy stuff.

Turns out that as the receptionist, I’m not only responsible for the aforementioned jobs, but also in charge of sending and receiving all mail and knowing where everyone in the office is at all times.

I’m like Big Brother, in heels.

This new position also extracted me from my cozy cave of a cubicle and put me on the front lines of the office. I was forced to leave my entertaining co-workers and sit solo at the reception desk. I was not looking forward to being separated from the antics of my cubicle city. I had grown fond of our lunches together and the middle-aged women playing Phil Collins for the entire day.

But with great change comes great responsibility, and I was ready for more responsibility even if I didn’t want the change.

Photo credit: Summer Smile by Criss!
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