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Diploma not always enough: College Grads Need Work Experience, According to CFOs Surveyed

Accountemps – “A new survey confirms the ‘Catch-22’ that every entry-level job seeker seems to face: You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job. Ninety-three percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said it is important for accounting and finance graduates to have gained work experience in the field while in college.”

Interest on student loans to be eliminated in N.L. – “Students at post-secondary institutions across Newfoundland and Labrador cheered as the provincial government announced it will eliminate the interest on student loans. As of midnight Saturday, no one will be required to pay any interest on the provincial portion of their student loans. Before the announcement, students were paying interest at a rate of 2.25 per cent.”

Volunteering for experience: Jeff Rybak takes aim at the “extremely negative trend” of unpaid internships

Maclean’s OnCampus – “My advice regarding unpaid work comes down to a basic truism. People won’t buy a product if you give it away for free. If you ever intend to work professionally in a field then get used to the idea of charging for your labour and insist on it as early as possible. You may not be able to command much at the beginning – especially if you’re freelancing. If you’re a photographer and people keep asking you to do their weddings then ask for something, even if it’s only $50.”

Younger Workers Getting The Axe; Older Workers Getting Jobs – “CareerBuilder says unemployed older workers are having a tough time finding jobs. A survey released last week says only 28 percent of workers over 54 laid off in the past 12 months found new jobs compared to workers 25-34 who are quicker at finding work. In that age group, 71 percent found a job within 12 months. As a result, says CareerBuilder, 63 percent of the 55 and up group have applied for lower-level jobs, including entry-level positions and even internships.”

Five jobs for Facebook addicts – “‘With social media becoming a major player in how people communicate and interact with each other, it’s natural that this industry needs a marketplace,’ says Jim Durbin, vice president of social media at Durbin Media, an interactive marketing firm. ‘A lot of jobs in online marketing are all now requiring some level of social media expertise. The real question is whether the jobs coalesce into new departments and position, or if they become skill sets under old departments.'”

5 Tips for Turning Your Internship Around

Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom – “Are you doing an internship this summer and worried you haven’t accomplished anything yet? Here are five tips for making the most of that last month. … Create and accomplish goals … Remember you’re there to learn … Be social … Show your appreciation … Follow up …”

College Life in a Dorm Room

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