Friday Finds: Weekend reading


Do you meet even the basic requirements of an entry-level job?

In TalentEgg’s latest From Class to Career column, I lay out a detailed plan for 2009 grads who hit a brick wall over and over again when they apply for jobs. If you’re getting no response, it probably means you’re not the best of the best, but it could also mean you don’t even meet the minimum requirements. With a bit of research and discipline, every unemployed grad can ensure they’re really ready to beat the competition.

3 ways to make the most of a jobless summer

Along the same theme, Lindsay Pollack offers some helpful suggestions on what to do if you find yourself unemployed this summer. She recommends unemployed students and recent grads volunteer, take on a project or start a small business to make the most of the free time instead of just wallowing in self-pity. Couldn’t hurt!

Canada needs more bilingual grads to fill government jobs: study

Due to lax language competency requirements at most post-secondary institutions in Canada, the federal government reports there won’t be enough young bilingual workers to fill the up to 6,000 new bilingual positions each year to replace the large number of public servants who are retiring. The parliamentary committee responsible for the report recommends the federal government send a clear message to post-secondary institutions about its needs.

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