Be optimistic on your job hunt, it will help you land your dream job


Some of you have been hunting for a few months now and might be feeling a little concerned. You’re probably wondering, “Why I haven’t landed my dream job yet? I thought all the years of hard work and dedication would have paid off by now?”

We have to be optimistic at this point, even though things might not be going the way we expected. Keep your mind open to the laws of attraction. The laws of attraction relate to your emotional outcome to positive and or negative situations.

"I believe that because my job hunt was an optimistic one and I never let my negative emotions overcome my ability to find my dream job, I got it!"

For example, say you get an email or phone call for that dream job and they ask you to come in for an interview. Your emotions peak, your endorphins are going wild! Then you think, “Oh no, maybe I’ll make a mistake in the interview! What if they don’t like my hair? What if I have something in my teeth?”

These thoughts have now inhibited your laws of attraction, so try to stay optimistic. Think in a positive manner. Think that because they asked you to come in, you have something to offer them and you’re going to do the best you can. Think “this is my dream job and there’s no way I’m going to miss out on this opportunity.”

Don’t think of all the things that can go wrong. Think about all the things that will go right!

Eight months ago, I was contacted by Lauren Friese, the founder and president of TalentEgg. She mentioned to me that there was a position available so I researched the company and decided, “This is my dream job!” But, by the time I got back to her, the position was filled.

I thought to myself, “This is where I want to work and I’m going to do whatever it takes to be a part of this team.”

I asked Lauren, “When would be a good time to follow up?” She said to check back in about three months, so I emailed her three months later with no luck: they had enough people on the team. So, again, I asked, “When would be a good time to reconnect?” She told me try again in May, another three months later.

On May 1st I sent an email to Lauren to ask her if we could meet for coffee. After a lot of back and forth, we had a wonderful conversation on the phone and she finally said, “Even though TalentEgg isn’t looking for someone right now, why don’t we meet for a coffee?”

I went into the meeting knowing there wasn’t a position available for me, but no matter what I was going to get the job at some point. All I wanted to do was meet her and show her that I am passionate about what I do and that TalentEgg is the company for me. The coffee meeting was awesome!

Lauren asked to meet with TalentEgg’s sales manager, Ryan. Without getting overly excited, I agreed to meet with him for potential networking and to build a relationship for the future. The meeting went great; I stayed positive and optimistic.

The following Saturday, I got an email from Lauren that said, “As you know, when I sat down with you just over a week ago, we saw no need for another person on the sales team. That being said, you really impressed me the other day and then proceeded to really impress Ryan yesterday.”

I believe that because my hunt was an optimistic one and I never let my negative emotions overcome my ability to find my dream job, I got it!

The thoughts you project during your job hunt, whether they’re negative or positive, can be the reason why you do or don’t get the job. You have much more potential to offer than you think and you have the ability to manifest your dreams.

“I dreamed impossible dreams. And the dreams turned out beyond anything I could possibly imagine. You know, from my point of view, I’m the luckiest cat on the planet.” —Hugh Hefner

About the author

Peter Coulson is an account manager at TalentEgg, focused on developing relationships with top quality employers and educators across Canada. Peter describes himself as a born entrepreneur: at an early age, he helped lead a successful renovations and construction business. After developing his skills in the trades, he worked his way up the ladder in sales, including in retail, finance, and IT recruitment. He has recently completed sales training courses as well as an advertising and sales copywriting course at the University of Toronto.