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Jobless? No, I’m ‘funemployed’

Maclean’s OnCampus — This article was in the latest issue of Maclean’s and, although it’s interesting, it paints a rather bleak picture of this year’s graduating class. Are we all ‘funemployed’ bums who work part-time to fund our awesome fun adventures while our parents pick up the tab on our basic living expenses? Not by a long shot. Also, the recent grads quoted in the article are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage by narrowly defining “work” as salaried only and waiting to enter the job market. Maybe there’s no salaried work, but there are probably a ton of companies who would be willing to take on a bright young intern for free, or at least for an honourarium.

10 smart tips for getting the interview! — Straightforward tips, yes, but they can’t be repeated enough. Are you following all of these steps?

How NOT to post your resume on Craigslist

The Job Search Strategist — Posting your resume on Craigslist may not be that popular among Gen Y, but according to this article it shouldn’t be that tough to stand out in the crowd of losers. Be specific and don’t leave any room for confusion. Oh, and don’t be desperate. You don’t actually want any job, so don’t say you do.

The worst(?) of Craigslist?

The Job Search Strategist — Yup, another Craigslist article. Don’t make the mistakes this new grad did! This is probably a common recent grad “cover letter” copied and pasted on Craigslist. If your cover letters look anything like this, it’s time for a re-write.

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