Coming soon to a theatre near you: Post Grad, a pre-life crisis


postgradOne of my most-anticipated movies hitting theatres this summer is Post Grad, starring Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls). It’s about a girl named Ryden Malby who, like a lot of us, graduated from post-secondary with her whole life planned out: graduate, find a job and have a successful career, maybe fall in love and live happily ever after.

Then she hits some road blocks along the way and, thanks to the economy (or maybe the timing of her job search), she realizes it’s a lot harder to get her dream job than she thought and she goes into “Pre-Life Crisis” mode. She moves back in with her parents, blows job interview after job interview, ends up working retail with her dad and starts to alienate her closest friends.

Post Grad won’t win any Oscars, but sometimes it’s just nice to watch something you can completely relate to. We don’t normally promote movies here on the Incubator, but if there’s one movie that might completely express how you feel right now as a new grad — this is it.

The film also stars Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch and Rodrigo Santoro, and is expected to hit theatres on August 21. Check out the trailer:

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