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Stay in school, it pays: study

Maclean’s OnCampus — According to this article, there’s good and there’s bad news. The good news is post-secondary graduates are more likely to be employed and earn anywhere from $394,000 to $745,000 more in a lifetime than high school graduates. The bad news? Some students are simply being pushed through the system and awarded a degree without knowing the basics. If you don’t want to read Tony Keller’s long-winded article, check out the press release with the need-to-know facts.

Grant program gets smaller cheques to more students

GlobeCampus — The federal government makes it look like they’re actually doing something by launching a new Canada Student Loans and Grants Program. About 100,000 more students will have access to government grants this year, but the grants will be smaller – up to $2,000 for eight months of study. “The government is also updating a federal program for low-income Canadians struggling to repay federal student loans. Payments will be calculated based on family income rather than how much is owed, and the maximum repayment period for a loan will not exceed 15 years.”

Emerging from the wreckage at York

GlobeCampus — “As the university prepares for yet another controversial forum on the Middle East, president Mamdouh Shoukri gives The Globe and Mail a rare, exclusive interview about his annus horribilis and his plans to revive the school.”

The term “social networking” is increasingly appearing in job postings

"social networking" Job Trends graph

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