How I landed a job in 2 weeks using my job hunting checklist


Like all graduating students, the prospect of getting a job was a daunting reality for me, given the current economic climate. So, I decided to do what a lot of my peers did: I took off for a couple of weeks to figure things out. It was during my time in Europe that I really decided I wanted to enter the marketing field. But how?

How I went from Unemployed to Hired in two weeks

I began local and talked to everyone in my family who would listen. They may not have shared my career path, but they shed some light on how they got to where they were. They began to suggest people I could talk to: co-workers, friends, friends of friends and neighbours who all worked in the industry.

"After a good day in the office working in the marketing industry like I have always wanted, I can fnally put my feet up and enjoy my life as part of the workforce."

This is where I began my hunt: I called up as many of my parents’ friends and co-workers I could. If they didn’t have a position for me, I asked them to take some time to discuss marketing with me. This got the ball rolling and I used these networking meetings as practice interviews. I realized I had to sell myself in any capacity possible.

I also learned more about the industry: the dress code, heirarchy, big players – simple things which show I’ve done my homework.

It was from these networking meetings that I developed leads on potential openings, internships, junior-level positions – anything. It was here that all the leg work paid off. I became an expert at meetings, always showing up early, dressing the part, being prepared, and demonstrating my ability to communicate.

Not every position offered me a job on the spot, but most employers told me they would get back to me within the following few days. Some offers came in the next day, others not until a good week later, but I did it. I managed to secure a job.

Originally, I was told it would take weeks – maybe even months – to land a job in the current economy. So, after a good day in the office working in the marketing industry like I have always wanted, I can fnally put my feet up and enjoy my life as a working stiff.

New grad’s job hunting checklist:

  • Identify your skills and apply to jobs which are well-tailored to your skills and previous experience
  • Start local – talk to family and friends about your interest in different fields
  • Make connections – talk to their co-workers and acquaintences: you never know who you’ll meet
  • Take opportunities to network – they’re like mock interviews and allow you to practice your oral communication skills
  • Remember, you are always selling yourselfshow people you’re excited at the prospect of working for them
  • Take any and all interviews you’re offered – even if the job isn’t exactly what you want, it’s still an opportunity to practice
  • Arrive early to your interviews and thank them at the end for taking the time to sit down and talk with you
  • Follow up via email or phone – thank them again and let them know you’re looking forward to hearing back from them
  • Don’t get discouraged – remember for every 10 calls you make, only three will respond; and of those three maybe only one will be a legitimate opportunity
  • Tackle job hunting as if it was a full-time job
  • Take all criticism seriously and ask people what you can do to better sell yourself
  • Constantly revise your resume to make it more specific and tailored to each job