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Why Your College Grad Doesn’t Have a Job Yet… & 10 Things You Can Do To Fix That by Jason Seiden

If your parents are on your back about not having a job yet, tell them to take it easy because finding a meaningful job can sometimes take months and months. If that doesn’t work, send them this link to this article/video series which speaks directly to them about how they can help you. Then tell them they’re uncool Helicopter Parents and really confuse them.

10 Myths About Life After College by Kristen Fischer at Gradspot

Life after graduation—blessing or curse? On the up side, recent college grads experience the rush of freedom as they take their first steps in the “real world.” But yes, times can be tough and 20-somethings can struggle as they enter the workforce, arrange living situations and maintain relationships.

10 Tips to Finding a Job Using Linkedin at Secrets of the Job Hunt

Linkedin is considered the premier destination for professional networking and that also includes job search activities. I have been a Linkedin user for years and have experienced it from both sides of the equation as a Recruiter and job seeker. In each instance, I have found it to be a valuable tool. Don’t take your Linkedin profile lightly. It could make or break your job search.

Rick Mercer spends time exploring McMaster University

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