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Sunny Side UpWho says you can’t have eggs in the afternoon? Welcome to the fourth instalment of Sunny Side Up where you can satisfy your hunger for student and new grad career news. We showcase bite-sized news and commentary about everything related to student and new grad careers.

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fileshareBiz bosses better adapt for Gen Y

Halifax Chronicle-Herald – A recent poll by American career site JobFox found that recruiters perceive Gen Y to be the weakest of all four generations currently in the workforce. However, JobFox’s head honcho, Rob McGovern, says employers just have to deal with the many ways Gen Y is changing how people work because soon enough we will make up the bulk of the workforce. Sweet! Only a few more years until total workforce domination. Bonus points if you can convince your parents to retire early.

usflagAmerica’s brains are Canada’s gain

GlobeCampus Think your tuition and living costs are expensive? Be glad you don’t live in the U.S. It costs Americans more than double what it costs Canadians to attend university for one year, so more and more Americans are considering Canadian universities as a cheaper option. Even when international tuition rates are factored in (almost quadruple the price we pay), it’s a bargain. How do you feel about competing against American students for program spots, grades, scholarships and jobs?

With right tactics, grads can open doors to jobs

ReportonBusiness To sum up, new grads need to be the Three P’s (persistent, polite and … perfect) to even get an interview these days. This article covers some of the more basic post-grad job hunting tips, which we’ve covered quite a bit here on the Incubator, but it also tells new grads to get off their butts to develop and maintain serious connections within their industry. Not bad advice, job hunters!

Want an internship? It can be yours for only $15,500

Macleans OnCampus – The next bid for a three-month internship at The Huffington Post in Washingtion, D.C., is set at $15,550, $2,500 more than the current bid of $13,000. Yes, you read that right, it says bid and not salary. Since I first heard about the new kind of “paid” internship in February in the Globe and Mail, I’ve been hoping and praying it does not become the norm. It rewards the super-rich who, in my opinion, don’t need any more rewarding, and completely ignores ability, potential and hard work. It’s nice that the money is going to charities, but I really hope someone ridiculous wins and embarrassesthese employers enough to put a stop to these “paid” internships.

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