Friday Finds: Long weekend reading (and viewing)


Live a remarkable life at Thrilling Heroics

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This article has nothing to do with student and new grad careers … sort of. But it covers something everyone at TalentEgg knows to be true about young people who are looking for work: “You can either sit around and wait for cool shit to happen to you, or you can take a pro-active role in opening your life up to possibility.” If you’re looking for a little self-help but don’t want to look pathetic by buying an actual book, this article covers it all in less than 1,200 words.

Getting noticed at work at twentysomething

It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how many hours you put in, how much money you earn/save the company if nobody notices your hard work. You’ll be passed over for promotions, raises, new projects in favour of your co-workers who stay on your boss’ radar. Katie offers six quick tips to help herself (and hopefully you) catch up and become top-of-mind for those important stepping stones to work your way up from an entry-level grunt to a take-charge manager or project lead.

In the Closet: Job Interview Edition at

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For the men who roll out of bed the morning before a job interview and can’t find anything suitable to wear: this video is for you. It makes interview style clean, simple and totally do-able for even the most style-challenged guys (except for the really confusing price equation). If it’s not your style, just remember you can tailor your day-to-day clothing to your own style once you’re hired. Until then, it’s probably safer to … play it safe.

GRADUATION… by all the top cartoonists!

If you enjoy political cartoons and you’re not easily depressed by references to student debt, new grad unemployment or living at home, check out this collection of cartoons featuring the Class of 2009.

Cartoon by Daryl Cagle
Have a great long weekend everyone! Does anyone have any really cool plans?
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