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Sunny Side UpWho says you can’t have eggs in the afternoon? Welcome to the third instalment of Sunny Side Up where you can satisfy your hunger for student and new grad career news. We showcase bite-sized news and commentary about everything related to student and new grad careers.

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Vanishing workforce: The problem isn’t jobs, it’s finding people to fill them

agent – Despite how difficult it is for many to find a job today due to the recession, Canadian employers are actually preparing for the day when there aren’t enough people to fill the available jobs. A severe labour shortage is expected to be the norm across the country by 2016, when more people are expected to leave the workforce than enter it. Canada’s low birthrate combined with the millions of baby boomers set to retire in the next few years means businesses are scaling back growth and scrambling to recruit and train young people and foreigners.

New FD grade a student’s record of shame

SFU News Online – Moving forward, university department chairs at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia will have the choice to apply a new grade in the case of academic dishonesty: FD – failed for academic dishonesty. Students will no longer be able to walk away from charges of academic misconduct with simply a failing grade. This is probably good news for anyone who’s ever failed a course before F’s are now reserved only for the stupid and the lazy, not cheaters and liars. However, will this encourage more employers to check candidates’ academic transcripts before hiring for fear of bringing on potentially dishonest future employees?

facebook_256x256Concordia unblocks Facebook

Macleans OnCampus – Thanks to a bunch of no-good spammers and phishers, Concordia admin decided to block Facebook at the start of school year in September. I have no idea how all those students made it through an entire school year with no Facebook access at school, but they must have been extremely productive. Either that, or they just didn’t come to school. I can see how it would be a toss up for some.

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