3 reasons why your blog is as important as your resumé


Never underestimate the power of a blog. Sure there are some really bad blogs out there, but having one of your own can benefit you in the long run.

Say you’re passionate about fashion and want to get somewhere in the fashion world. Maybe you’re a designer looking to showcase your work, or maybe you’re just a communications student who wants to comment on the new threads on the catwalk in Milan. Regardless, a blog can be your stepping-stone to a whole new world of work experience.

Here are three reasons why a blog can be a standout feature in your job hunt, alongside your resumé:

It shows you are the expert.

Let’s say you are a fashion student. By starting a blog about fashion (international or homegrown), you’re showing your prospective employer that you are an expert in your field. You can talk about different aspects of the clothing — the design, the designer and the reviews. Share your two cents about something you love.

It shows passion.

If you really want something in life you have to be passionate about it. Showing devotion to a career, again with fashion as an example, can be a winning trait in the eye of an employer. You live this subject and you breathe this subject. You’re an expert on something you’re passionate about and it goes hand in hand.

It shows you’re organized and committed.

A lot of people say they don’t want to start a blog because they “suck at writing.” If you think you have weak language skills, don’t be deterred. By writing about something you’re passionate about, you effectively learn by doing. You don’t have to write amazing epics — it’s blogging after all — but by sticking to a dedicated routine, your employer will notice that you are organized and structured.

I’ve been blogging for a long time and only started to take it seriously three years ago. These were the three things that came to mind and I realized having a blog could showcase these traits. As long as you’re not writing something obscene, your blog can stand as evidence of relevant experience and qualifications. Of course, it depends on where you’re applying: a comedy audition might find your blog on fart jokes hilarious, but an accounting firm might not.

It shows you are committed to something from the start and it’s a trait that will come in hand when you get the position. I say when, not if, because you also have to be positive!

We live in an era where someone can learn all they need to know about you with the click of a button. You can expect this to happen no matter where you apply. Having an outlet like a blog can prove beneficial.

They’ll find a collection of content crafted by you that talks about something you love, something you can see yourself making a living from for the rest of your life. This amount of determination and passion is key to securing a foot in the door for any industry.

It will take a little work and discipline, but in the end the reward could be a step closer to your dream career. Start a blog today.