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Sunny Side UpGood morning! I hope you like your career news Sunny Side Up because it’s now a weekly feature here on the TalentEgg Career Incubator. We showcase bite-sized news and commentary about everything related to student and new grad careers.

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Post-secondary education pays: StatsCan

Macleans OnCampus – A new study by Statistics Canada suggests recent grads with master’s degrees earn more than those with just bachelor’s degrees, but the pay difference between a master’s and a doctorate was only marginal.

However, these findings must be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t run out and get a master’s in your field just yet. Although the study isn’t wrong, we have to consider that professions which require master’s degrees tend to earn more anyway and not everyone’s income would benefit from more education.

The study also found about half of the Class of 2005 completed their studies debt-free, although that number is probably slowly going down as an increasing number of students have to take on some debt to cover the recent losses in their parents’ investments and the annual increases of tuition fees.

Recession can be a gift horse for recruiters, graduates

GlobeCampus – Although this article has some great tips for recent grads near the bottom, the most interesting part is about how companies should act in terms of recruitment during a recession. It highlights what TalentEgg is all about for employers: brand.

Even if a company isn’t hiring at the moment (but lots are), either due to the recession or simply its recruiting schedule, it should still put itself out there all the time as an option for students and recent grads looking for work.

If companies don’t do this, they risk falling out of favour with high-quality potential employees like TalentEgg users or, even worse, falling off their radar altogether.

Innovative job site may help even philosophy grads

Lauren News TalentEgg was famous again this week! Lauren Friese, the brains behind TalentEgg, appeared on Canada AM at the crack of dawn on Monday morning to offer recent grads some great advice on finding meaningful work. Although you can find most of her advice scattered about the Incubator, check out the video clip for a quick hit of career advice and a little history on TalentEgg.

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