Recruiting 2.0: Social communities for resume building


If you browse through the numerous articles on TalentEgg Career Incubator, you’ll find a ton of great insight, personal experience and advice on building the perfect resumé. Taking this knowledge and applying it to your own resumé is something I highly recommend.

So, you’ve got great advice coming in, but it’s also important to have someone else give your document a once-over before you send it off to employers.

Your editor can suggest where your weaknesses and strengths are, and help you see what you may have missed.

But did you know resumé writing and editing has hit the Internet? You’ve probably heard all the buzzwords by now: Social Media, Web 2.0, YouTube Generation.

And did you know there are numerous networks which let you review and edit other people’s resumés, as well as yours, in an online community environment?

These are some great Resume 2.0 sites which let you build and perfect your resumé with feedback from others, and also build your social brand in a network environment. There’s no harm in pooling skill sets and experience with other people around the world — who knows what networking opportunities could come your way!


LinkedIn is the most mainstream of all the resumé-building sites. It’s a social network which is a combination of a resumé, cover letter, references and a contact base. Any social media guru will tell you to get on the LinkedIn wagon, and it’s a hot tool.

While the resumé portion is pretty standard — it asks for your education and work experience — the cover letter section acts as your summary and introduction. From the cover letter section, you can introduce who you are, your talents and what type of job you are looking for.

LinkedIn also includes a status update feature similar to Facebook. This is a great tool which can be utilized as an announcement to your network that you’re looking for a particular job or volunteer opportunity, or as the basic function of letting your contacts know what you’re up to.

Use LinkedIn to network with like-minded people, former and current co-workers and bosses, and prospecting employers. Keep your profile updated with the blog feature and join groups based on your interests.


ResumeSocial is similar to Razume — it’s a community where you post your resumé and get feedback from other members. You get feedback from users who have had similar job experiences and their comments help build up your resumé.

Eventually, you can choose to become a “resumé expert” and assist others with building and perfecting their CVs.


Howtowritearesume is a great resumé storage system. It’s also a network that provides you with tips and tricks on perfecting your resumé. If a recruiter views your profile, the site will alert you. It’s also the simplest and quickest platform for building a resumé.

Although TalentEgg’s Talent Cards don’t employ a social aspect (yet), keep an eye out for the TalentEgg Career Incubator’s Resumé Workshop feature coming soon. If you want to submit your resumé for workshopping, email it to

All of these social networks provide great insight and are full to the brim of other people doing the same thing. Working together will only help perfect your resume, and your image on paper.

Applying for a job online is becoming the norm, so recruiters often don’t see your face until the interview process begins. Having an awesome profile and summary of your qualifications is key to securing that position you want!