Don’t let your job define you — define your career



So with all this talk about finding the ideal career in today’s world I’ve started asking myself, “What is the ideal career and how long will it take to find it?”

I currently have a part-time job and spend the rest of my time trying to find this ideal career. The search is long, but it’s currently providing plenty of learning opportunities.

So, I wonder why the grass has to be greener on the other side. If I have a job that I currently enjoy (and even if I didn’t), there is no reason why I shouldn’t be fulfilled now. I figure that no job should define my work experience.

Furthermore, no job should define my happiness. If I am going to spend time doing anything, I might as well enjoy myself.

That said, I will define my own career within my current job. I ultimately want to end up in radio and while I may not be on-air yet (I am actually in the process of launching Season Two of my podcast), I can further enhance my communication skills.

I plan to enter the arts world and will have to face a considerable amount of criticism. So why can’t I work on my ability to receive and give feedback?

But changing my perspective is only one piece of the puzzle. I can also add additional responsibilities to create a more challenging and rewarding atmosphere.

If I want to write I can suggest an internal blog for employees. If I want to practice my graphic design skills I can develop posters, graphics and other promotional pieces.

The main point is that any employer appreciates motivation and innovation. If you can benefit the company and yourself at the same time go for it.