Why I want to be my own boss in five years or less


There are so many things I enjoy about public relations as a profession, I wouldn’t even know where to begin listing them.

My favourite thing, however, is the potential to be your own boss.

First of all, a small PR consultancy has to be one of the least expensive businesses to start up. It doesn’t need much in the way of materials and supplies. And it can operate out of your living space when you’re just getting started, so the overhead cost is peanuts.

All you really need, aside from a wealth of knowledge, is a good network of contacts. Starting your own consultancy would be next to impossible without this. It is those great business contacts that you’ve made through volunteering, attending events and just being sociable in your daily life that will keep you busy — and pay the bills.

As a PR consultant, your job is to communicate your clients’ messages. You communicate to their customers, key stakeholders, their own staff and anyone else your clients want, or need, to know their story.

You find creative ways to deliver these messages and strive for “free” media coverage on your clients’ important news. Of course, in such a diverse field, this description only begins to scratch the surface on all you will do as a consultant.

My personal plan is to continue gaining PR experience in a variety of fields over the next five years or so. All the while I will be working hard to build my network of contacts, setting myself up for future business and maybe even doing a little work on the side here and there.

When I do take the plunge and go fully self-employed I will already have all kinds of work lined up and the transition should be fairly seamless.

So, why do I want to go this route? Why not work for a large agency instead? Surely they could keep me busy.

Well, first of all, I think that being your own boss is everybody’s dream, so that’s almost self explanatory. Just imagine the flexibility. You make your schedule and decide how much, or how little, work to take on.

And, the best part is — just about every business needs PR. What does this mean to the self employed PR consultant? Endless possibilities. Because nearly everyone needs your help, you can stick to a specific field that interests you, like clothing and apparel for example, and find a niche, or you can be diverse and serve several different industries.

I think the ability to serve a wide range of client types is perhaps the most appealing thing about this to me. Everyday is different, always offering new challenges.

Most of all though, I want to be my own boss because it could provide me with unlimited potential. If I play my cards right, I could have a team of PR practitioners working under me in no time. My business could go from being a basement operation, to a national — even international — corporation.

Instead of being stuck at a top management position, the height of my ladder of success will be in my own hands. And that is why I want to be my own boss.

About the author

Adam Weitner is an Account Manager with the Consumer Marketing team at Edelman Public Relations. He has been practising in the field of Marketing Communications since graduating from the Algonquin College PR Program in 2008. He describes himself as an energetic practitioner, who strives in a fast-paced environment. He is passionate about life and sees the positive side of every situation. His ultimate career goal is to run his own PR agency serving a wide variety of clients, focusing on new media, but never forgetting about print, radio and TV. You can also find his website and blog at AdamWeitner.com.