Resume Tips: How to write a Career Launching Resume (CLR)


At TalentEgg, we have a lot of experience with resumés. We’ve all written them ourselves and used a resumé to find our own first jobs. But in our current experience, working at a company that lives and breathes entry-level careers, we’ve gained even more insight on resumés from three different perspectives:

  1. From our daily interactions with entry-level employers
  2. As employers ourselves
  3. As a result of a lot of reading, analysis, thinking and speaking on the topic

And I have to say that, overall, we’re disappointed.

We’re disappointed with the way entry-level employers screen resumés and we’re disappointed with the way students consistently fail to take advantage of the opportunity to sell themselves effectively through their resumés. So, this will be the first of several articles on Resumé Writing. Each article will dive deep into the four key tips outlined below.

But first: What’s a ‘Career Launching Resumé?’

Let’s face it, traditional resumés aren’t meant for people without work experience, or even for people with work experience who aren’t on a defined career path.

The traditional resume is fantastic at showing how a sales manager can become an excellent sales director, but not so great at showing why your history major makes you the best candidate for an entry-level job at a magazine.

That being said, resumés are the most popular screening tool used by human resources departments today.

So how do you show an HR rep that you truly posses the qualities they’re looking for? How do you get past the ‘no work/no experience’ problem?

The answer: You ‘Resumé Outside the Lines.’ And when you Resumé Outside the Lines, you get a ‘Career Launching Resumé,’ or CLR.

Key elements of a CLR:

  1. It focuses on your greatest assets (achievements, not experience)
  2. It demonstrates your interest in the role you’re applying for
  3. It stands out among the hundreds or thousands of other resumés sent in
  4. It’s written like a sales proposal and the product is you

I’ll be going through each of these elements in-depth over the next several weeks.

About the author

Lauren Friese is the founder of She graduated from Queen's University in 2005 with a degree in economics and had no idea how to make a successful transition into the workforce. She ended up at the LSE in London, England, and after earning an MSc in economic history, used – a British graduate recruitment website – to find a great entry-level role in consulting in London. She thought Milkround was fantastic, and that it was a service sorely lacking in Canada. And so the idea for TalentEgg was hatched!