Making your own career as a freelancer

When job hunting gets tough, the only thing left to do is to take the bull by the horns: freelance

It’s job hunting season. Some of us have been on the hunt for awhile. We’re dug in, we’ve got our posts staked and we’re stalking down the job opportunity prey.

For others, you are just starting to hunt for that great opportunity.

It seems the only way to get the career of your dreams is for someone else to give it to you. But, if you consider the job hunting process, you realize it is more like a competitive hunt than anything – and that is not a light lesson. You have to consider there is always competition and no job is going to be dished out lightly.

In these tough economic times employers are scrutinizing the process more than ever.

However, there is always opportunity in tough times. To quote almost every parent, “When one door shuts another one opens.” OK, so that may be a bit cliché, but it doesn’t mean there is no truth to the saying. The opportunity I and many others should be interested in comes from consumers.

In today’s economic climate consumers are willing to hire students more than ever.

If they need a photographer, MC, painter, web designer, business consultant, accountant, or a variety of other services, consumers are willing to hire students to save money.

Before, building a professional portfolio and experience as a freelancer was something that took years. Now, it can be much easier to find someone willing to give you a shot.

I plan to take advantage of this opportunity. As a photographer, I plan to shoot engagements and weddings for people with a tight budget. This will give me experience and a great portfolio, which will lead to more work and a greater reputation. Why should any other student hold back from doing freelance work?

Keep looking for that great career, but fill your coffers with experience and money. There’s something to be said for a demonstration of innovation and initiative.