It’s internship season. So, how do you find an internship?


Although a lot of students don’t realize it (don’t get me started on the timing of campus recruitment season), January is big-time internship season for a lot of career areas.

At TalentEgg, we’re finding that there’s been an influx of postings for co-ops and internships this month (and lots more coming), which we of course encourage that you check out.

But I also wanted to take this opportunity to direct you to an excellent article I happened on today while doing some PR-related research: How to land your dream internship: A guide for aspiring magaziners.

From what I’ve heard, aspiring journalists and ‘magaziners’ have a pretty tough time finding internships (which is sometimes lucky for employers…like us…case in point: Cassandra!), so any edge you can get is surely helpful.

If you have had any success or horror stories finding an internship, we’d love to hear from you!