Gen Y is leading the way


Earlier this week, Deloitte released some results from its State of the Media Democracy survey (last year’s results are available online), which shows how people of all ages are using media and technology, and what they want from it in the future. The survey is based on research conducted on American consumers, but the state of the media democracy is probably similar here in Canada.

Not surprisingly, Millennials (ages 14-24) are leading the way again. I’m not sure the survey tells us anything we don’t already know, but hopefully it will continue to be informative for non-Generation Yers who are trying to figure out exactly how Millennials go about their lives in relation to technology and media.

Here are the few highlights I could find from various news articles:

  • Millennials spend the most time with media each week, but the least amount of time watching television – we only watch 10.5 hours per week compared our older counterparts, who watch between 15 to 21.5 hours of TV per week
  • 70 per cent want to be able to connect their computer to their television to view content
  • Millennials watch more user-generated content than professionally-produced content online because it’s more entertaining than traditional media
  • more than half of us see our cell phones as mobile entertainment devices

Once the full survey is released I will try to find some more interesting facts. In the past, the survey has also included tidbits about where each generation wants media and technology to go – I think that’s the most important thing relating to Gen Y.

However, I wonder how many of the 70 per cent who want to connect their computer to their TV to view content already do? Although I can’t connect my PC to our television, my boyfriend has an adapter for his Macbook which allows us to view content on the television screen. The picture isn’t as clear as it is on the laptop, but it’s a lot bigger and it’s great for watching TV shows and movies online.

So although we’re spending more time with other media, mostly online, we’re spending less time in front of the TV. Sure, we all have our favourite shows, but chances are we’re watching them online at our convenience instead of making our schedules revolve around the time slot of a television show.

How many hours per week do you spend reading blogs and viewing other user-generated content? How many hours do you spend watching television?

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