The Importance of Timing in the entry level job search


You should never under estimate the power of timing. For a baseball player timing can mean the difference between a home run and a strikeout. For a golfer, it could be the difference between a birdie and a par. And for a new grad, timing could mean the difference between landing that dream job and well, not.

I have only been working in the recruiting industry for a few months but I can already see how the lack of communication between employer and student creates problems for everyone. As a student in your final year of university, at what point do you begin your job search? From what I have seen and heard most students don’t even think about getting or looking for a job until April. Most large employers on the other hand, have already filled all their positions by that time, doing most of their hiring in September for full-time positions and in January for their summer roles. What does this mean for everyone? It means that employers are omitting a huge pool of qualified, passionate students and new grads are missing their chance to get the jobs they want, simply because everyone’s timing is off.

Employers try to combat this problem by going to career fairs and working with the various career centers at the universities but in reality only a small percentage of students actually attend career fairs and even less use their career services department to its full extent. It’s not working. The result is the highly inefficient system we have now.It is crazy that with all the information we have at our fingertips these days that such a fundamental subject, getting your first job, has such a cloud of mystery around it.

So if you are in your last year of school, maybe its time to start poking around for jobs right now. You don’t want to end up kicking yourself for losing out on the opportunity you have always wanted because you missed a deadline. Try to stay informed, use your university career center, go to career fairs and last but certainly not least, use TalentEgg.We are really trying to bridge that communication gap between new grads and their potential employers and make life a little easier and better for everyone!