The Essential Skills Package: We got the job – do we have what it takes to succeed?


After we land our first job, or when we get promoted to a more senior position, most of us do not quite understand what it takes to ‘lead’ and perform effectively.

Look around or simply listen to what others have to say about their supervisors or managers:

  • They do not have what it takes to lead their teams
  • No sense of how to spend their time effectively
  • Micro management
  • Disconnected from their staff
  • Run between meetings with no planning or proactive concept of what we need to do
  • Become reactive and continually play ‘catch-up’
  • No control of their team or the events that shape their performance
  • Fail in delivering on their potential

How can you avoid becoming part of the problem?
First, we need to understand what it takes to be a valuable employee; in simple terms, we can break down skills training and education into four elements:

  1. On the job training – usually covers specific technical, product and service elements.
  2. Academic-theoretical approach – provided by colleges and universities.
  3. Common sense and basic people skills – very difficult to transfer altogether and are usually acquired as professional development.
  4. Essential business and leadership skills and techniques – very few organizations have the resources, ability or desire to train us on leadership abilities and business skills.

We are not provided with any hints, tips or clues, but are expected to come in prepared for whatever will land upon us.

These are skills and knowledge that we must have, that are simple to obtain, and yet are not readily available as an ‘essential skills package’:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Politics in the Workplace
  • Project Management
  • Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Problem Solving / Decision Making / Contingency Planning
  • Change Management
  • Negotiations
  • Meeting Management and Facilitation
  • Ethics

While all of the above areas are sometimes taught by schools and universities, they are offered as standalone courses, rather than as a package of business skills that prepare us for our job.

Young professionals who are entering the workforce or those seeking improvement and growth in their existing careers, can now obtain these key skills through an interactive program that maximizes knowledge transfer and ensures an effective, engaging and entertaining delivery.

This program is offered in small group settings, based on demand. At the end of the program, participants will have a set of tools and techniques that will give them the necessary edge to perform better and excel in their roles.
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