Why I Worked at the Campus Pub


As a student at Queen’s University, I worked part-time at the Queen’s Pub (QP), an on-campus bar located in the student centre.

Was I working for the extra cash? Yes and no. We earned <$5 an hour plus tips that were significantly less than what we could have been earning off-campus. What ‘extra cash’ turned into- for me at least- was money to pump right back into the QP, where I spent virtually all of my free time.

Did I apply (get rejected, then apply the next year, crossing my fingers they’d finally choose me) for the work experience? No, not really. Pub work is really good fun but not something I wanted to do long term.

So, why did I choose to get this job on campus?

The truth is, mainly for the social perks. Working there was like being in a club, and it was fun.

The funny thing is (and I can’t claim to have had this foresight at the time), the people I met and connections I made (aka social perks) have translated into a) some great and lasting friendships and b) valuable career connections.

About the author

Lauren Friese is the founder of TalentEgg.ca. She graduated from Queen's University in 2005 with a degree in economics and had no idea how to make a successful transition into the workforce. She ended up at the LSE in London, England, and after earning an MSc in economic history, used Milkround.com – a British graduate recruitment website – to find a great entry-level role in consulting in London. She thought Milkround was fantastic, and that it was a service sorely lacking in Canada. And so the idea for TalentEgg was hatched!