My BA in Economics – Did It Pay Off?


To be honest, I fell into my Economics major as an undergrad. Knowing that I didn’t want to study business, I took a wide-range of courses in my first year (from Film, to Canadian History, to Economics). I even toyed with a double major in Economics and Politics for my first two years, but in the end, Economics won… Was it the right choice?

Absolutely. Let me explain:

My degree was almost 100% theoretical. I can say without doubt that the theories and math I learned do not play a direct role in what I do today.

On top of that, when I graduated, recruiters weren’t knocking down my door. There’s a very good Commerce program at Queen’s that sort of acts as a shield between recruiters and Arts students.

At the same time, my degree in Economics opened the doors of the London School of Economics, and my fantastic experience there.

And when I finished at the LSE, employers in London were more impressed with my BA in Economics than my MSc.

Perhaps even more importantly, a degree in Economics is a degree in logic and problem solving; Earning that degree has the potential to show employers not only that you’re capable of completing repetitive tasks, but of tackling new ones and innovating change.