power snacks

Power up with snacks!

By: Hannah R.

If you’re finding yourself low on energy during your busy schedule, consider stocking up on power snacks!

Granola bars or trail mix are great for an energy boost make sure to pick a type with lots of nuts, which will give you protein.

An apple (surprisingly) has caffeine in it and can act as a great alternative to coffee. Dried fruits are also really great because they’re portable and have a lot of natural sugars to keep you going!

What’s your go-to power snack?

Take time to refresh

Take time to refresh

By aeax2020:

Don’t underestimate the power of rest taking some time off to clear your head and relax your body will make you twice as efficient when you get back in the game!

If I find myself overworked between school, my friends, and my job, I arrange my schedule to have a day to myself. Just having 12 hours in your PJs watching movies taking naps does wonders!

Reward your exam season

By: Kathy G.

Did you make it through finals? Congrats, TalentEgg-er!

Whether you’re in your last year, finishing up a tough term or grinding through the middle of your degree, it’s important to rest and recharge during the holiday season, and take time to celebrate your successes.

It’s also important to rest because there’s more work ahead whether it’s looking for a job or heading back to class!

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You did great work this year (surely you did your best) and there’s nothing but potential before you.

Congrats again!

Learn a new skill while the snow falls

Learn a new skill while the snow falls

By: Dr. Careers

Don’t hit the couch too fast!

Learning a new skill over the holidays is a great way to ward off couch-potato syndrome and keep your brain firing, even if you aren’t at work or school.

Whether it’s something technical or creative, a hobby or pastime can reorient your perspective and keep you feeling positive.

I took up photography over last holiday break, and since then I’ve gotten good enough at it to do a little free-lance work, on the side! Just one example of how a diverse toolbox can really help you go the extra mile.

Bundle up and don’t get sick

By: It’s the season for sneezin’

Is there snow on the ground near you? There probably will be soon.

When you’re unwell, just about everything gets harder to do including planning your career, networking and standing out from the pack.

So before you find yourself forehead-deep in cough or cold, remember how hard those extra moments spent sneezing and wheezing will make it when you’re trying to write an eye-catching cover letter!

Bundle up, eat healthy, get lots of fluids and rest. That’s my advice!

Focus on the bright side

Focus on the bright side

By: Stephanie T.

When the sun goes down, it can be hard to stay feeling sunny, whether you’re a student or a recent grad looking for work.

Colder weather means that darkness comes up even faster than usual, but you can compensate for those moody blues with a little bit of proactivity.

Make a list of things you’ve accomplished that you’re proud of and reflect on it whenever you’re starting to feel discouraged.

This may feel silly, but you’ll soon find it easier to remember that you’ve got things to feel good about, and good things to look forward to ahead.

Good luck!

Dress up as your best self

Dress up as your best self

By: Jane Foneau

Your Halloween costume could be a motivational tool like none other.

Not with me? Get on-board!

This may sound silly, but a few years ago I dressed up as a professional in my chosen industry (shh it’s a secret!)

People noticed my costume and then put it aside. But a few asked me why I had chosen the costume I was wearing that night.

I found it a really nice, casual way to discuss my future ambitions, and be a little silly and relax at the same time.

Will this help you take a professional step forward? There’s only 1 way to find out!

Make plans, change them, rechange them

By: T. Rega

You’ll need to be dynamic to get ahead in your professional life, as well as in your personal one too.

I’ve found that inflexibility has led me to some of my bigger mistakes, and it’s something I keep in mind when I settle down to some key plan-making.

See, alternatives are important, even if you never have to use them, because they keep you in line with what’s achievable and stop you from getting tunnel vision.

So when I set a plan I make sure I have alternatives and that ensures I keep moving forward, even if it’s a little side to side from time to time.

Get hired by the holidays

By: RetailMaven

Getting a part-time job in retail for the holiday season can be more than just a quick way to make some extra cash, build your resume and make new friends.

If you’re a persistent worker, the time you put into a retail PT job can lead you to a career!

That not only means more hours working the floor building your person to person skills, but also the chance to do things like work in an office environment, in planning and beyond.

If you make a career plan and go back to school, you may find your new credential can open doors at the company where you got started!