Rogers Communications @ SWIL - 14th Annual Inspire to Aspire Conference

Toronto, Ontario
About Rogers Communications
Rogers Communications

Your tomorrow inspires our today At Rogers, we’re for helping you on a journey to a rewarding career. Whether you’re a developer, an analyst, or a customer care consultant, Rogers is the place where ideas become reality. We deliver today what our custom...

Come what with us and see what Rogers Communications has to offer at the Schulich Women in Business event from February 28 - March 1 at The Schulich School of Business.

WIL's 14th Annual Inspire to Aspire Conference brings together some of Canada’s top female executives, academics, corporate professionals and business students to examine the rewards and challenges facing women in their pursuit of leadership roles, and to share inspirations and motivate young women to set and achieve their goals. As a full, two-day event, the conference will be comprised of keynote speeches, workshops networking sessions, and a case competition. Light breakfast, a full lunch, and snacks will be provided. Learn more here.