Wheels Group


The growth of our organization, over our nearly 20-year history, has surpassed even our most optimistic projections. Our award winning business approach, then and now, is to strike a harmonious balance between our customers' need to move goods, with the carriers' need to optimize assets and profitably. At a higher level, we strive to identify gaps and inefficiencies within the supply chain and to provide innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The Wheels Group encompasses a number of companies, each with its individual business strategies, products and services. Through the Wheels Group infrastructure, the capabilities and strengths of each member company are leveraged to provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to customers and suppliers as well as identify change, challenge and opportunity in the logistics industry. The company's unique "Special Teams" concept allows individual companies within the Wheels Group to concentrate on core strengths, while allocating specialists to project teams on client assignments as needed.

In this era of vendor consolidation, Wheels Group companies concentrate on providing a full spectrum of integrated products and services from a single source. Innovative and non-traditional approaches to supply chain management include:

  • Domestic and international transportation services - air, land, sea

  • Third-party logistics provider (outsource)

  • Supply-chain consulting, optimization and reporting

  • Supply-chain project implementation and management

  • International freight forwarding, container trans-loading and consolidation

  • Dedicated logistics

  • Contract warehousing and distribution

  • Contract fleet management, support and drayage

  • Software development

  • Technology systems and process development

In a competitive global economy, logistics plays an increasing role as a top level strategy consideration; making a contribution to containing and reducing costs while enhancing corporate service and performance. The business of the Wheels Group is making its customers' businesses better. The company has some of the brightest minds, most powerful data systems and broadest experience in supply chain management in North America.