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DARE Program - McGill

Oct 01, 2017
Mississauga, Ontario
Entry Level

Store Location: Argentia & Mississauga Rd. (Corporate/Home Office)
Employment Type: Full Time

Company Summary

About Walmart Canada
“Swim upstream. Go the other way. Ignore conventional wisdom.” – Sam Walton, founder, Walmart 

At Walmart, we do things differently. Always have. Our entrepreneurial spirit drove us to become the largest retailer in the world and we’re growing and innovating every day. With more than 95,000 associates, Walmart Canada is one of our country’s largest employers. We operate more than 391 traditional discount and supercentre stores nationally.

Career mobility at Walmart is legendary. Our associates seize the many opportunities to grow within Canada and other parts of the world. With more than 9,000 stores in 28 countries worldwide, Walmart offers global opportunities and perspective to our talent.

We have been recognized by Waterstone Human Capital as having one of Canada's top 10 corporate cultures. It stems from our belief in individual respect, excellence and service to our customers. Our beliefs are more than posters on the wall – we walk the talk. These are the values we live each and every day.

Did you know? Quick facts. 

  • Since 1994, thanks to our customer and partners, Walmart has raised and donated over $200 million
  • We’re one of Canada’s largest commercial purchasers of clean, renewable electricity through our partnership with Bullfrog Power
  • Walmart Canada is the largest corporate partner of the Canadian Red Cross

Position Summary

The Opportunity: Developing Accelerated Retail Experience. The Developing Accelerated Retail Experience (DARE) program is an exclusive rotational program for a small, select group of recent graduates. The DARE program combines cross-functional exposures in Store Operations, Merchandising and Supply Chain & Logistics to build a foundation in strategic business units core to our business.

The DARE program is a 2-2.5 year program depending on the stream you choose to specialize in after completion of the foundational learning. You will work in a number of different roles during your rotations and will gain exposure to  business units such as merchandising, eCommerce, merchandise planning, space planning, replenishment, supply chain & logistics, and store operations.

This program ends with a real time Capstone project supported by SVPs, Home Office Support and Sponsorship.

 *When applying, you will be able to highlight which stream(s) you prefer to specialize in for the last 6-12 months of the program.

Position Responsibilities

How is the Developing Accelerated Retail Experience different? We have 3 streams to choose from to help support getting you where you want to go! Our End Goal? Creating future leaders of tomorrow through hands-on, fast-paced learning.

DARE is a 2-2.5 year program depending on the stream you choose to specialize in. The first year of the DARE program begins with a foundational learning in store operations. This is where DARE associates will learn the ins and outs of our daily operations from an executional perspective.

After the first year, candidates will spend six months in business critical rotations at our Store Support Centre (SSC):

  • Three months in merchandising
  • Three months in supply chain/logistics and our distribution centres (DC)

These first 18 months will build a foundation across Walmart’s core business functions. In order to move onto the next phase of DARE, all candidates must complete both the Foundational Learning and Business Critical Rotations. After 18 months, DARE associates pick a specialization based on their career aspirations:
There are 3 streams to select:
 1) Store Support Centre (SSC) Core Rotations – 6 months
2) Finance Specialization – 6 months
3) Leadership role in Store Operations (Assistant Manager/Co-Manager) – 1 year
Wrap- up with a cumulative, practical, real-time capstone project to combine learnings and showcase new skills

What you will gain:

  • Diverse experience.
  • Unmatched mentorship.
  • Experience workshops and presentations from many areas of the business such as eCommerce, Logistics, Space Planning, Merchandising, Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. •
  • You will be paired with a personal mentor at the senior leadership level, providing in-depth, face-to-face learning from leaders in Canadian retail

Finish the program, start a career. Leaving the program you will possess a deep understanding of our business rooted in operational experience, benefiting from cross-functional rotations; strong training and leadership capabilities. You will Learn, Lead and Leverage your operational learnings regardless of the path you choose. Upon successful completion of either program, we will work with you to explore career options within the rotation areas where you’ve developed a career interest.

Canada Walmart Division



Candidate Requirements

  • Must be graduating from a Canadian University undergrad OR  graduate degree with expected commencement in Dec 2017-Spring/Summer 2018
  • MBA Optional
  • History of giving back to the community through extracurricular activity or volunteer work
  • Passion for retail, merchandising, supply chain/logistics and operations
  • *Note* Please include your Resume and Transcripts. No need to provide a cover letter.
  • Skills:Can show a foundation of Situational Judgment, Clear paradigm of Service to the Customer, Demonstrates personal drive for Excellence, Demonstrates capability in Planning for Improvement, Seeks to improve oneself, “Student of Life”, AdaptabilityTeamwork (influencing and communicating), Respect for the Individual

Walmart will accommodate the disability-related needs of applicants and associates as required by law.