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(CAN) Manager, Operations

Cornwall, Ontario

Position Summary...

This position is responsible for directing a group of Team Leaders in the fulfillment of dailyDistribution Centre (DC) operations. Develops, communicates, and ensures the effectiveimplementation of operational procedures in the following areas: receiving, order-filling and shipping. Oversees all daily work activities to ensure customer quality, productivity, service and delivery commitments are met.

What you'll do...

1. Plans and monitors the daily basis Operations to ensure they are carried out in a productive, safe, and cost-efficient manner. Reviews all associated reports, and documentation for accuracy and consistency.

2. Establishes area-specific standard operating procedures (SOPs) and processes and ensures department employees are adequately trained in their proper execution.

3. Sets and communicates departmental objectives. Provides direction, support, and coaching to Team Leaders in the fulfillment of their responsibilities and the accomplishment of objectives.

4. Monitors and analyzes the daily productivity report (TPR), the key performance

indicators (KPIs), and employee productivity reports. Devises action plans as appropriate to address any areas of substandard performance.

5. Works closely with on-site Human Resources department to address employee performance issues in accordance with policies.

6. Reviews and audits current budget expenditures for cost savings or efficiency opportunities. Reviews staffing schedules and allocation of resources to ensure levels are consistent with budget forecasts.

7. Attends and/or conducts planning meetings, taskforces, and workgroups with other Area Managers/other DCs to review common issues and identify opportunities for improvement. Facilitates a variety of departmental and operational meetings to ensure open two-way communication.

8. Makes recommendations for process improvements in operational procedures, productivity standards, staff planning and allocation, working conditions and use of equipment in order to increase efficiency of department.

Minimum Qualifications...

Outlined below are the required minimum qualifications for this position. If none are listed, there are no minimum qualifications.

Age - 18 or older

Preferred Qualifications...

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Walmart will accommodate the disability-related needs of applicants and associates as required by law.

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