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Meaningful Mentorship

Want personalized instruction? How about a direct hotline to the best and brightest?

Every DARE Candidate receives personalized mentorship from a Senior Walmart business leader, who understands what it takes to succeed — and wants to set you in the path to success.

These mentors offer guidance, advice and support, acting as a sound board for your ideas and invaluable resource for getting where you're going - while also helping you to learn from challenges along the way.

And they'll show you how you can lead us to an even brighter future.

Turn high-potential into high reward.
Our unique program gives you:
  • A full-year of foundational business learning
  • 6 months in business-critical roles
  • Hands-on industry experience
  • 1-on-1 Mentorship from business leaders
  • Immersion in the world’s largest retail enterprise
  • Opportunity to make a real difference
Basically: the best career jump-start in the industry
Start with DARE —
Grow Anywhere.
The DARE Program was created to invest in you — Canada's top talent.

With an enterprise as big and diverse as Walmart, we’ve got roles to suit any taste or interest. Be it numbers and finance, problem solving and logistics, or the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives— this is that place.

Through exposure and experiences across diverse facets of the business, you’ll be offered the support and opportunity to get noticed and make your mark with a global retail giant.

The DARE Program is all about you: designed to let you customize your career path so that you get to do your best work, right where you want to be.

And your work will impact everything we do, from the ground up.

Accomplish Your Goals — And Never
Stop Learning
DARE Program Details
Phase 1
Foundational Learning in Store Operations.

Learn all about the daily operations of our business and how to solve problems in a fast-paced environment.

Phase 2
Store Support Centre (SSC) rotations.

Candidates will experience 6 months of business-critical roles and hands-on responsibility.

Phase 3
Each Candidate selects a specialization to focus on for the remainder of their DARE experience, according to their personal career interests and goals.

Each Candidate selects a...

  • Store Support Centre (SSC) core rotations (6 months)
  • Leadership in Operations (1 year)
Upon successful completion of the DARE Program, all graduates will be set for a Leadership role in whichever aspect of our enterprise interests them most.

We created DARE to make a difference for early-in-career talent, so that they could make a difference to Walmart—and it’s paying off.

Our candidates have already made such an impact that DARE is getting attention. Walmart DARE won Best Grad Program at the TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awardsin 2018 and 2019.


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