University of Toronto

This job is no longer available.

Research Associate (Limited Term) - 2 Years Term

Dec 10, 2018
$44,209 - $82,891
Toronto, Ontario
Entry Level


The Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto invites applications for a Research Associate (Limited Term) position in the recently established Transparent Lab. The new hire will contribute to the management and growth Transparent Lab initiative. Their focus will be on managing, maintaining, training and safely operating the available pool of equipment accessible through the Transparent Laboratory, such as:
  • one high energy x-ray microCT (GE v|tome-x-s 240keV);
  • one high energy x-ray nanoCT (GE nano|tome 180keV);
  • three custom designed and built x-ray transparent testing vessels:
    • one ERDm-RM vessel to test 25mm diameter cylindrical samples under triaxial stress conditions;
    • one ERDm-T vessel to test 12mm diameter cylindrical samples under confined torsional stress conditions;
    • one ERDm-Q vessel to measure viscoelastic material properties of 12mm diameter cylindrical samples under confined stress conditions;
  • three continuous pulse-free high pressure metering pumps (Vindum VP-6K - 6,000psi; VP-12K - 12,000psi; VP-20K - 20,000psi);
  • one automated mercury intrusion porosimeter (PMI AMP-60K-A-2)
  • one 3D particulate printer to print samples in quartz, metal, and ceramic (Ex-One Innovent);
  • one3D topometric surface scanner (GOM ATOS II);
  • one micro- nano-indenter and scratcher (Nanovea M1);
  • one high resolution flatbed scanner for fracture mapping (EPSON V800);
  • one micro x-ray fluorescence (Micro-XRF) system (Bruker M4 Tornado);
  • one transmitted/reflected light fluorescence microscope (Olympus BH2).


Key Duties
The Research Associate will balance two primary roles as: 1) researcher, and, 2) lab manager.
Specific duties include:
  • Manage the Transparent Lab equipment, consumable supplies, hardware and software;
  • Operate and maintain the Transparent Lab equipment;
  • Train students and researchers in the use of the Transparent Lab equipment;
  • Liaise with industry and government partners throughout the Transparent Lab project and coordinate research effort with sponsors;
  • Manage large datasets that include confidential data;
  • Ensure project goals are met according to budget and timeline;
  • Collaborate with other researchers that might become involved with the Chair's research program;
  • Assist and lead the preparation of research proposals, technical reports and peer reviewed journal publications related to the research;
  • Present research findings to stakeholders within and outside of the project team;
  • Contribute to develop and maintain an online portal that will streamline the access to the lab, and expedite equipment booking, fee collection, and the tracking of usage.

Candidates require either an advanced degree in engineering or relevant scientific field, or equivalent combination of education and experience. The candidate must have experience working in teams of researchers, and specifically assigning, and managing tasks in large interdisciplinary projects. The candidate should have research experience in non destructive material characterization, and rock mechanics testing. The candidate must have excellent inter-personal and communication skills, and a demonstrated ability to work independently and in a group setting.


R01 -- Research Associates (Limited Term): $44,209 - $82,891