Tunezy Inc.


Tunezy is an angel-funded Music start-up based in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We are a group of Music-lovers who are passionate about Technology and Music. Our goal is to revolutionize the music industry and replace the outdated Record Label Model. Today, Record Labels stand in between Fans and Musicians, pumping out commercialized music. We want to build a community where the Musicians' success is directly determined by Fans. You can think of us as a “Social Record Label”. Our model gamifies the Musician-to-Fan relationship , rewarding fans that contribute to the community.

Music is an emotional experience that adds meaning to our lives and it shouldn't be treated simply as a product we "consume". If you believe in this vision for Music, come join our passionate team. We are graduates of U of T and Waterloo and developed our business skills at companies including Microsoft, Kraft, Boston Consulting Group and Merrill Lynch.