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Toronto, Ontario

Travel CUTS

Travel CUTS was started by a group of students with the mission to provide cost-effective ways to get overseas. Always 100% Canadian owned and operated, our mission is to Change Lives and Fulfill Dreams.

Since 1969, Travel CUTS has grown into the traveler’s destination for unbiased, whole-trip advice and expertise. We are proud to work with a broad range of industry partners because it’s only through their diversity that we can be sure we’re able to offer the perfect trip option to our travelers – matching your dreams to reality in the time frame available to you.

We’ve taken this philosophy one step further, creating new products where the need arises:

SWAP Working Holidays

SWAP Working Holidays is the result of one of our travel gurus heading off on their own working holiday to New Zealand and realizing that the trip could have benefited majorly from the expert support in NZ. These first SWAPPERS knew they weren’t the only ones who might want to maximize their travel time by working abroad and SWAP now offers 12 destinations.

ISIC card

The ISIC card that enabled cheap flights in the 50’s is not only still around, but stronger than ever, saving students on flights and a host of other services both abroad and here at home. It’s even grown to include a Teacher and Youth version.


Our travellers are inspired, and inspiring, and we love to hear and share your adventures because each story becomes part of our history of lives changed, attitudes shifted, and dreams realized through travel. We believe, like Mark Twain, that ‘travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.’

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