Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.

Toronto, Ontario


At TMMC, we're all part of the same team. And you won't find any executive dining rooms or special parking spaces on the grounds of the Cambridge, Ontario plant.

Just like every other Toyota manufacturing site worldwide, TMMC is guided by The Toyota Way and its two main pillars of support:

Continuous Improvement: By never being satisfied with where we are or with the status quo, we are continuously improving our business, putting forth ever-better ideas and efforts.

Respect for People: By sincerely believing that our success flows from respect and appreciation, we are able to bring together good people to work in a team environment.

As a TMMC Team Member, you have the opportunity not only to achieve stability and to improve your livelihood but more importantly to make a contribution, and to exercise your power to think, develop and perform. It means a relationship of mutual trust and respect between TMMC and its team members to reach a common objective - "mutual prosperity," achieved through the sharing of common values.

What We Build

TMMC produces the Toyota Corolla, Matrix and RAV4 vehicles, and the Lexus RX 350. TMMC is the only site to produce a Lexus vehicle outside Japan.

No matter what the product is, one thing remains constant: quality. Quality is not something that we merely add on at the end. Quality is built right into the production process - from the choice of raw materials to the final inspection before the vehicles head off to our customers. And it is the responsibility of each and every team member to insure the highest quality possible on each and every vehicle.

Social Activities

Whether it's a special organized outing such as a skating event, skiing, picnic, or the annual Christmas parties, Team Members, and their families, are encouraged to get involved and enjoy the activities that the Social Club organizes.

The Social Club, supported by TMMC, and led by an elected committee of Team Members, helps promote a spirit of teamwork by organizing social gatherings, bus trips to sporting events, and various other special interest and family-oriented activities.

Membership to the Corolla Park fitness centre is also open to immediate family members, allowing spouses and dependent children between the ages of 17 and 25 to enjoy the numerous educational, fitness and sports programs available.

Canada's Top 100 Employers

The Top 100 Employers list is published by MacLeans annually to recognize Canadian companies who best exemplify the qualities of a positive employer. The list is compiled by MediaCorp Inc. based on the following criteria:

  • Physical workplace
  • Work and social atmosphere
  • Health
  • Financial and family benefits

TMMC is the only automotive plant to have received this recognition consecutivley each year since 2005.

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