TJX Canada

This job is no longer available.

Product Coordinator - Apparel

Mississauga, Ontario
Entry Level, Early Career

Here at TJX Canada, we strive our hardest to make sure that, every day, our customers are able to find the latest and greatest designer brand names for less than they'd pay elsewhere. When they walk through the doors of our stores, whether it's a Winners, HomeSense, or Marshalls, savvy shoppers know they'll experience the "Thrill of the Find," which, if you're curious, feels like a slight breeze blowing over the surface of your skin-not a bad feeling, if we do say so ourselves.

But you're not here to feel the breeze. You're here to see if working with TJX Canada is right for you. To help with your decision, we'd like to introduce you to someone who once faced the same choice you have to make.

Meet Jose.

Jose is one of our Product Coordinators - Apparel. He's responsible for supporting the needs of the Product Specialist Team to maintain the process of preproduction and top of production tracking. He also supports the Apparel Team in product development, product specialist reporting, strategy preparation, and assisting with fits and samples.

Jose came on board with a year of professional experience and a lifetime of enthusiasm. His fashion sense is only rivaled by his organizational skills. Seriously, we can only imagine what his sock drawer looks like!

This is Jose. He is one of us.

If you do decide to apply for this position, and we agree that this is the right job for you, you'll be supported by a plethora of internal programs whose only focus is the continued progress of your career. At TJX Canada, we do everything we can to help you achieve your full potential. But we can't do it all ourselves. You'll need to bring the ambition, the motivation, and the drive.

So what do you think? Like Jose, are you one of us?

Now, if you were to come on board as one of our Product Coordinators - Apparel, we'd ask you to do the following:

  • Maintain the process of preproduction and top of production tracking by updating all necessary information weekly to ensure an up-to-date schedule.
  • Communicate with Merchants and Merchandise Assistants on upcoming samples.
  • Maintain report that qualifies samples by department including revisions, cancellations, and approvals.
  • Assist in strategy preparation by researching and creating trend packets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Receive top of production and preproduction samples and assist with evaluations and fits, plus document comments and mail out samples to vendors.
  • Assist in collection of samples for different departments for monthly display.
  • Assist in the setup of displays in the runway area.
  • Assist in the teardown and return of samples at the end of the month.

Sounds rather challenging and exciting, right? Let's hope so, because if it sounds easy or boring, there's a good chance this job isn't for you. But if it does sound right for you, here's why we know you'll be able to handle those challenges:

  • You have at least 1 year of experience within a product development environment.
  • You have a graduate degree/diploma with fashion/textile qualifications.
  • You have strong computer skills: Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop would be helpful.
  • You have knowledge of the BFPQ buying components.
  • You have excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  • You are able to work independently with limited supervision and as a collaborative team player.
  • You have strong organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple projects.
  • You are detail-oriented with a good understanding of product construction.
  • You have a strong understanding of current fashion and trends.

We know some of that might sound a little daunting, but if we're going to meet and exceed our promises to our customers, we have to be committed to hiring the best person for the job.