TJX Canada


Customer Service Store Coordinator, HomeSense Etobicoke, Sherway Gardens

Etobicoke, Ontario
Entry Level, Early Career

Date: Oct 21, 2019

Location: Etobicoke, ON, CA

Company: TJX Companies, Inc.

Discovery is at the heart of everything we do. Wherever you find us around the world, if you can think of a product, you can probably find it in our stores, we operate hundreds of stores in hundreds of cities around the world. In Canada, our retail chains include Winners, HomeSense, and Marshalls. With variety comes plenty of happy surprises—our environment is ever-changing, and that’s just how we like it. Every day is an opportunity to discover something new about our business, our partnerships and even something exciting about yourself. Ready to Discover Different?

Meet Jackie,

Jackie is one of our Customer Service Coordinators, which means that she makes sure that, every day, her store is ready for business, and that each Associate at her store provides exceptional service to our customers. With her trademark sincerity and her incredible kindness, not to mention her two years of previous customer service experience, she is absolutely great at her job.

Now if only that sincerity and kindness transferred over to the way she acts on the basketball court. Let’s just say we highly recommend giving her the lane.

Still, this is Jackie. She is one of us.

But know this. If you do decide to apply for this position, and we agree that this is the right job for you, you’ll be supported by a plethora of internal programs whose only focus is the continued progress of your career. At TJX Canada, we do everything we can to help you achieve your full potential. But we can’t do it all ourselves. You’ll need to bring the ambition, the motivation, and the drive.

Customer Service Coordinator
This position supports the Assistant Manager of Customer Service / Operations or Assistant Manager of Customer Service in the delivery of consistent and high quality customer service for internal and external customers.

This position is also responsible for ensuring Service Area policies and procedures are followed on a daily basis, and for overseeing the training and development of Associates in all Service Areas.


  • Coordinators are scheduled to coach/direct Associate’s 20% of their time (7.5hours/week) with the remaining 80% executing tasks as per Roles and Responsibilities. The allocated 7.5 hours does not have to be spread evenly across the week, schedule should reflect business need.
  • Communication, Leadership and Culture
  •  Review weekly MAP
  • *, any communication from Management team, Home Office or Regional Office pertaining to the Service Areas and communicate changes to service area Associates.
  •  Provide weekly updates on objectives and identify any issues or opportunities pertaining to customer service, service area compliance and/or scheduling.
  •  Provide input into weekly action plans to achieve operational efficiencies and compliance.
  •  Participate in weekly Management / Coordinator meeting and daily huddles.
  •  Supports an environment that fosters open & continuous communication and information sharing among all Associates.
  •  Contribute to a team environment by sharing in workload of peers throughout the store or as assigned.
  •  Create and validate Customer ready Tour (CRT)
  •  daily.
  •  As assigned by the AM of Customer Service / Operations or AM of Operations:
  •  Provide training and coaching to existing Associates and new hires.
  •  Support cross training for existing Associate in all Service and Operational Areas.
  •  Train Associates on fundamentals of off price utilizing the Service Area Reference Guide.
  •  Coach Associates on the handling of customer complaints and customer service skills (LAST).
  •  Coach Associates on transactional skills, policy and procedures, WorkSmart principles and proper use of POS equipment.
  •  Conduct the non-management portions of the New Hire Orientation.
  •  Train Service area Associates on merchandising standards.
  •  Train Associates on proper store maintenance.
  • Customer Satisfaction
  •  The JOY Project

This a program created to invigorate, strengthen and support all the integral parts of our culture at TJX Canada.


  •  Sustain Customer Engagement standards Motivate and encourage fellow Associates to meaningfully interact and serve Customers
  •  Create happy Customer experiences by contributing to a positive work environment.
  •  Greet customers in a friendly manner 10 foot / 10 second rule (when performing tasks be aware of customers in area).
  •  Be knowledgeable to answer questions regarding merchandise items, prices and brands and provide information on promotions.
  •  Answer questions surrounding TJX Canada policies and procedures, events and store locations.
  •  Resolve customer service issues or escalate and inform the AM of Customer Service / Operations or AM of Customer Service of any customer concerns, feedback or compliant.
  •  Ensure shopping carts and baskets are clean and collected into designated areas.
  •  Ensure service areas provide assistance for carry outs.
  • Health and Safety
  •  Health and Safety in the workplace applies to everyone at TJX Canada. An Internal Responsibility System makes all parties in the workplace jointly responsible and equally involved to act on all Health and Safety matters for all Associates and Customers.

Loss Prevention

  • Loss Prevention is everyone’s responsibility. By greeting our customers within 10 ft. and 10 second, ensuring all items have a correct
  • price ticket and are sold at the right price, being operationally excellent and minimizing damages to our product, we will minimize the
  • opportunity for shrink. Get involved by learning more and doing more with the help of the SHRINKSMART program.

 TJX has a company-wide, high-priority Information Management Program designed to protect Personal and Business Information and the systems and equipment that store and process it and to prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of Personal and Business Information.

Assist with ensuring compliance to Privacy and Security policies and procedures are met. Remember to be attentive in your daily work activities:

  • Collect, use, share, and store the minimum amount of personal information only as is necessary to do your job.
  • Do not use or refer to Personal Information outside of work.
  • Fitting
  • Room/Dressing
  • Room
  •  Utilize the Fundamentals of Off Price; Service Area Reference guide
  •  to validate execution and to model efficiencies.
  • Maintain the required number of Associates in the Fitting room to support customer satisfaction.
  • Observe Associates in their ability to provide quick, friendly and knowledgeable service to customer and provide feedback to the
  • Management team.
  • Oversee the Fitting Room process:
  • Spot check for merchandise buildup.
  • Support the fitting room during high traffic periods and ensure back up Associates are called when required.
  • Ensure goods returned to the sales floor are properly tagged, hung and sorted by department as per IBI standards.
  • Ensure all Loss Prevention procedures are followed.
  • Regularly inspect fitting rooms for maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Ensure WorkSmart principles are followed.
  • Sign off fitting room log end of day.
  • Frontline
  • Maintain Queue Line standards
  • Ensure flow of engagement procedures are executed daily.
  • Has authority to approve returns, customer requested markdowns, safe audit, receive jewellery, open the door for Associates entering the store in the morning and merchandise holds as per the authorization chart.
  • Observe and provide feedback to Associates on their productivity performance in comparison to time and compliance standards.
  • Utilize the Fundamentals of Off Price; Service Area Reference guide to validate execution and to coach and model efficiencies.
  • Maintain the required number of Associates at Frontline and support customer satisfaction.
  • Observe customer line ups at the Frontline and ensure back up Associates are called when required.
  • Manage cashier use of Return Item Look-up at Frontline.
  • Review Customer survey results and ensure all areas that require improvement are actioned and monitored.
  • Manage cash registers, coordinate cash picks and change for registers.
  • Support line-busting and interact with waiting customers.
  • Ensure call forward system is utilized by all Frontline Associates.
  • Support Service Area Associates on customer requested markdowns.
  • Oversee the Frontline process:
  • To Ensure shopping carts and baskets are clean, collected in designated areas and reordered when necessary.
  • To Proactively monitor supplies, hangers and build up at the Frontline, Jewellery counter and Fitting Rooms.

Reference List (documents found on estore/elibrary):


  • Call Forward: Service Area/Frontline/Frontline Call Forward System set-up
  • CRT's: eStore/eForms-Store Operations/Customer Ready Tour – Policy and Procedures
  • Development Plan: eStore/eForms -HR Forms/Other HR forms/Individual Development Plan Template
  • Fitting Room Log: eStore/eforms-Loss Prevention/Fitting Room Log
  • Flow of Engagement: Service Area/Frontline Service Area/TJX Loyalty
  • Frontline: Service Areas/Frontline/Applicable reference area
  • Huddle Hub: Non-Selling Area/Huddle Hub/Huddle Hub Board Procedures
  • IBI Reference Guide: eLibrary/ Building Effective Store Teams/Fundamentals of Off Price Reference Guides/Item by Item (IBI) Reference Guide
  • Joy Project: Non Selling Areas/The Joy Project
  • MAP: Merchandise Presentation/applicable MAP by banner
  • Service Area Reference Guide: eLibrary/ Building Effective Store Teams/Fundamentals of Off Price Reference Guides/Service Area Reference Guide
  • Visitors Log: eStore/eForms- Store Operations/Visitor and Contractor Log - Stores

So what do you think? Like Jackie, are you one of us?

Now, if you were to come on board as one of our Customer Service Coordinators, we’d ask you to do the following:

Understand and be knowledgeable of BEST operational standards, and monitor service area performance against these standards
Provide weekly updates on objectives and identify any issues or opportunities pertaining to customer service, service area compliance, and service area scheduling
Review weekly MAP and CommPak and support communication of change to service areas
Help incorporate sales information to drive sales for your given area of responsibility, which includes all frontline features, fixtures, and jewelry
Assign and direct the work of your fellow Associates
Support the delivery of exceptional customer service
Train all Associates on how to use registers and equipment and how to function at the service-desk area
Train all Associates on the policies associated with each service area
Resolve customer-service issues, escalating and informing your Assistant Managers of any customer concerns, feedback, or complaints
Ensure that service areas are properly maintained and “Ready for Business”
Oversee the Fitting Room process, which includes spot checks for merchandise buildup, supporting the fitting room during high traffic periods, ensuring that goods are returned to the sales floor from the fitting rooms, and ensuring that merchandise is properly tagged, hung, and sorted as per standards
Be responsible for everything the customer “sees and hears” from a maintenance perspective
Sounds rather challenging and exciting, right? Let’s hope so, because if it sounds easy or boring, there’s a good chance this job isn’t for you. But if it does sound right for you, here’s why we know you’ll be able to handle those challenges:

  • You’ve earned your high school diploma
  • You have two years of relevant experience, which you can use to build a stable and bright future here at TJX Canada
  • You have strong technical knowledge of all register operations
  • You have knowledge of service area operations and the ability to develop an expert understanding of our policies and procedures
  • You have strong problem-solving and customer-service skills that will help you respond to customer complaints and inquiries, identify stated and unstated customer needs, and respond to inquiries from Associates
  • Your communication skills include verbal, written, active-listening skills.
  • Preferably, you also have experience in the service or retail industries
How to Apply