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Good pay. Opportunities to learn on the job. Great lifestyle. Work in Canada’s greenest workforce: the forest products industry.

Whether you’re interested in a trade that’s in high demand, like being an industrial electrician, or if you have a PhD and want to do cutting-edge research, you can find yourself and your future in the forest products industry.

The industry helped to shape Canada’s history and is proud to be forging a path to a green and growing future, so it needs innovators to help fill a long list of jobs, such as millwrights, electricians, engineers, sales staff, truck drivers, foresters, chemists and many more.

Canada’s 21st-century forest products industry is committed to innovation and requires savvy trailblazers who care about their futures, the environment and quality of life for us all.

New products like renewable bio-fuels, green bio-plastics, bio-pharmaceuticals, bulletproof vests, car parts and airplane wings are all part of the dynamic new face of the industry. For example, Ford is using wood fibre to reduce its reliance on fibreglass and petroleum. Seatbelts, moldings and tires are just a few of the automotive innovations being driven by wood fibre.

If you want to go green with your future, and thrive on the benefits of having an impact on your future, your environment and your life, join Canada’s forest products industry. It’s an industry that understands the value of a renewable natural resource and it is always striving to find smart new ways to be innovative, high-tech and forward-looking.

Recently, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) unveiled Vision2020, an ambitious plan to propel the industry forward by improving the industry’s environmental performance by a further 35%, generating an additional $20 billion in economic activity from new products and markets, and renewing its workforce with 60,000 recruits including women, indigenous people and new Canadians. Students and new graduates will play a key role in the industry’s renewal.

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