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Supply Chain Planning, Argentina

Daiana Kurtz

The TUIC is an experience I’ll never forget. A multicultural program that allowed me to spend a month with 60 young people from 12 different countries, learning from our similarities and from our differences. The GT program is full of challenges and it helps us to acquire both managerial and technical skills. The global nature of Tenaris makes the ability to integrate a multi-disciplinary team as important as the industrial background. I appreciate the opportunity we are given to be involved in important decisions. I believe the GTP has become a cornerstone for my future professional development.

Maintenance, Mexico

Gustavo Quilantan

My first encounter with Tenaris was in the summer internship program in 2011. I realized then that it is a company that focuses on young people and I joined the Global Trainee Program. To participate in an extraordinary repair (REX '12), where for a month you can see all the machines disassembled, know them from the foundations to the last wire and screw, and have the task of assembling the machines and leave them operational again, was the perfect opportunity to learn and get the best experience possible.

Process Improver, Romania

Mircea Blaga

I always remember a phrase Paolo Rocca mentioned during the Induction Camp.

It was November 2008 and it was a tough time because of the economic crisis. My team and I decided to ask him about the future of the GT Program. He said it was the best opportunity to help young people grow in their careers, develop their skills and achieve the best result in what they do, regardless of whether they are engineers, economists or professionals from other areas.

Process Improver, Mexico

Josue Nieto

I first heard of the Global Trainee Program during my Roberto Rocca scholarship and anticipated it to be a demanding and rewarding experience. As expected, it was an intense program in terms of time and the company’s requirements. It also turned out to be a great opportunity to interact with senior managers since many meetings involve directors and regional managers.

It has been a great experience, analyzing technical issues and managing resources, always looking for production improvements.

Sales Representative, United Arab Emirates


Through my training, I learned the real meaning of networking: getting the right information from the right people by understanding what each person and department does. The point is to know where to get what you need. That way you end up saving time, having clearer processes and getting your job done. The GT Program gives you the tools and the freedom to ask and to move between departments and countries. Then, it’s your responsibility to take advantage of the opportunity.

Credit & Collection Analyst, United States

Schellcy Rivers

I believe that success is built slowly in the process of exposure to various levels of training. This is one of the main reasons I think highly of the Tenaris Global Trainee Program. It has given me multiple learning tools that have greatly exceeded my expectations. I learned about interacting in a global setting and was able to step out of my area of expertise to explore and work hands-on in other Tenaris areas. I was glad to learn that the company focuses on hiring people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures. I look forward to attending the TenarisUniversity Induction Camp in Argentina where I will be able to learn about the company’s primary functions and put them into use during group activities with my peers from around the world.

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