At Tenaris, knowledge is considered one of our most important assets. Training is a key element in Tenaris’s effort to attract, retain and develop our people, serve our customers, suppliers and the community. TenarisUniversity is committed to providing training that contributes to the Company’s performance.

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TenarisUniversity has six schools in charge of developing managerial and technical education for our salaried and hourly employees.

Industrial School

The Industrial School provides the training required for Tenaris engineers to remain at the forefront of the industry’s evolution. Its curriculum spans the breadth of industrial processes and production in Tenaris.

Commercial School

The Commercial School is dedicated to enhancing the skills of employees in the Supply Chain, Commercial Front End, Marketing and Procurement areas.

School of Finance & Administration

The School of Finance & Administration is responsible for helping personnel in the Administration and Finance areas guarantee that Tenaris meets the highest international standards for financial management, reporting and control.

School of Management

The School of Management is focused on developing the skills that employees need to have when facing managerial challenges, in accordance with company values, long term strategy, culture and business ethics.

School of Information Technology

The School of IT coordinates all educational activities related to Tenaris's IT staff. It is focused on providing all IT employees with the necessary skills to address business challenges and get better results.

Technical School

The Technical School designs and maintains the global development plans and courses. Its goal is to ensure the consolidation of one industrial system by implementing globalized training courses for all the shop floor employees.


TenarisUniversity has developed a number of general programs that form the foundation of the Company’s effort to build a common corporate culture across countries and functional areas.

New Hire Orientation

During their first month on the job, employees will complete the New Hire Orientation which quickly gets them up to speed on Tenaris and HSE basics.


Global Trainees from all over the world gather for one month in Argentina to learn about the company’s fundamentals and accelerate their professional development.


This training program is a week-long program for new mid-career employees from all regions and functions.


Dedicated to employees who have recently taken on supervisor positions, this program offers a framework to develop a plan for translating strategic guidelines into tactical plans.


Held at Rice University in Houston, Texas, this program provides Tenaris managers with strategic vision and leadership skills.


This program was created for employees who have reached director-level positions, especially those responsible for leading multiple teams. It is facilitated by internal instructors and IMD, from Switzerland.

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