Teach for Canada

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K-12 Classroom Teachers in Northern Ontario

Various Locations, Prince Edward Island
Entry Level, Early Career

Teach For Canada Teacher - Northern Ontario

 Teach For Canada is recruiting teachers for full-time classroom positions in a First Nation in northern Ontario. Once selected, we provide teachers with 3 weeks of preparation and 2 years of professional support. Successful candidates will start teaching in September 2018.

Why we exist:

Education in Canada is a success story, but high overall quality masks deep inequality. The twin challenges of teacher supply and turnover compound historical injustice and systemic inequities to produce an education gap between First Nations and non-First Nations communities.

The right kind of teacher can help fill this gap. We work with northern First Nations to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers who will increase student outcomes in the north.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Certified or certification-eligible to teach in a Canadian province or territory

• Legal working status in Canada for the minimum two-year teaching commitment

• Available to attend the Summer Enrichment Program July 15 to August 3, 2018 (all-expenses covered by Teach For Canada)

• Able to relocate and teach full-time in a rural First Nations community in northern Ontario

What we look for:

What does a successful northern educator look like? They overcome challenges with flexibility and bring community into their classroom. Outside of school, they get involved in the community, lead extracurricular activities, and explore the natural environment. But above all, they come humbly to learn as much as they teach.

 As an organization that works with Indigenous communities, we value Indigenous perspectives in our program and encourage Indigenous candidates to apply.

2018 Selection timeline:

• Deadline: May 27

• Introductory interviews: June 3-5

• Fit interviews: June 8-10 • Reference checks: June 11-20

• Offers Extended: June 22 Selected teachers are matched with communities from June 25-July 13, 2018.

Selected teachers are matched with communities from June 25-July 13, 2018