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TalentEgg Contributor (Article/Editorial Writer)

Across Canada
Work While Studying, Entry Level, Early Career

Do you have what it takes to write for TalentEgg? 

Joining the TalentEgg Contributor team is a fantastic way to gain professional experience and help shine a spotlight on best career practices for young professionals!

**NOTE: This is a paid freelance writing opportunity, open to current students and graduates.

You’ll be responsible for...

  • Developing share-worthy pitches and article ideas
  • Submitting informative, interesting and engaging articles, editorials, and guides on a regular basis
  • Conducting research to support your writing
  • Providing your own original photos and/or online stock photos to accompany each article submission

What’s in it for you? The opportunity to work with TalentEgg, Canada’s #1 career resource for students and grads. Gain professional writing experience with a well-recognized online publication  to expand your writing portfolio. 

What we expect…

High-quality writing. You need to be able to synthesize facts and information into engaging and easy-to-follow articles. Your writing should be clear, concise, and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Strong research skills. Each article is expected to be supported with up-to-date facts and trends from reputable sources. You must be able to write about unfamiliar concepts and industries.

Professionalism and accountability. Everyone on the TalentEgg Contributor team is required to meet deadlines and maintain regular contact with the TalentEgg Content team.

Creativity. You must be able to present new ideas and fresh approaches to existing concepts. (Think beyond generic “resume tips” and “networking advice”!)

Interested? Here’s what we need from you:
Please click on the APPLY NOW button, where you can upload your resume and additional writing sample.
Please include these additional components into the same document as your resume and upload as one file where indicated by clicking on the "Upload Files" button:
1.       Links to 2-3 writing samples (articles or blog pieces only, please!)
2.       In 200 words or less, tell us why you would make a great TalentEgg Contributor.
3.       Please re-work the following paragraph. Then, provide 3 pieces of constructive feedback for the writer.
"Have you ever been so unnecessarily concerned about the future even though you have prepared everything you could for your future? Everyone from high school students to university and college graduates are looking for ways to stand out to employers and get noticed but what can you do in order to show them what you have to offer them? Keep on reading in order to find out our 5 best tips on selling your skills set to recruiters."

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