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Campus Ambassadors Fall 2017

Julia Dunder
University of Waterloo

Julia Dunder is a fourth year mathematical studies co-op student at the University of Waterloo. She is pursuing a business specialization and an economics minor. She recently completed her work term at Sun Life as a Financial Analyst. She had an outstanding experience; she was able to grow professionally and provide ideas that have long-term benefits to her team. As a campus ambassador, Julia wants to help UW students reach their full potential by connecting them with Sun Life's exciting co-op and graduate opportunities! Meet her at Hack The North UW edition, next week on September 15-17. You can also connect via LinkedIn with her and learn how to join the team!

Nancy Wu
University of Waterloo

Nancy Wu is a second year Management Engineering Co-op student at University of Waterloo. She recently completed her first co-op term at Sun Life as the Service Management Co-op. She was able to expand on her skills in Excel and VBA, and learn a lot about the corporate environment. As a campus ambassador, she would like to share her experiences and connect other students with the amazing opportunities at Sun Life. Meet her at Hack The North UW edition, next week on September 15-17. Feel free to also connect with her via LinkedIn!

Ansh Mehta
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Ansh Mehta is a third year Software Engineering student. He recently completed his work term at Sun Life as a Software Automation Developer. He had an amazing experience, as he was not expecting so much openness and generosity from everyone in a fast-paced, corporate environment. He was able to learn comfortably, network smoothly, and develop his experience within his team. He would like to further connect UOIT students to the wonderful opportunities that are waiting for them at Sun Life. Connect with him via LinkedIn!

Matt Léger
Queen’s University

Matt Léger is a third year student in the Commerce program at Queen’s University. He spent his last two summers working at Sun Life, most recently as an Analyst on the Strategic Business Development team in Toronto. Matt is highly involved within the student community at Queen’s and looks forward to building the Sun Life brand on campus this fall. Meet him at our Rotational Leadership Development Programs Information Session on Monday, September 11th at Queen's or connect with him via LinkedIn!

Brenda Lam
University of Ottawa

Brenda Lam is currently in her final year of studies in Marketing at the University of Ottawa. She was a Marketing intern in the fall 2016 at our Montreal office. This past summer she decided to come back for another work term at SLF and she had the chance to work from our brand new One York Office in Toronto. This fall Brenda became a Campus Ambassador for a second time to continue sharing her experiences with others. What she loved the most about Sun Life was the positive and encouraging environment, the terrific mentorship she was given, the chance she had to practice and improve her French language skills, and the freedom she got to exercise her creativity in the projects that she was assigned with. Feel free to reach out to her for any questions you might have about our student and graduate opportunities. She is happy to chat over a cup of Joe’s! Meet her at our Rotational Leadership Development Programs Information Session on Monday, September 18th at UOttawa or connect with her via LinkedIn!

Nithiya Kappen
McMaster University

Nithiya Kappen is a fifth year Chemical Engineering student at McMaster University. She was a Mobile Device Analyst intern at Sun Life Financial this past year and she thoroughly enjoyed her experience. She wants to be a part of the Campus Ambassador program because working at Sun Life has given her a good skill set to work in a group setting and it also allowed her to take on other leadership roles. The work environment and people she has encountered have truly made her experience an enjoyable one. She looks forward to being active in her current role as an ambassador and hopes to learn and contribute through this opportunity. Meet her at our CPA Networking event on Tuesday, September 12th at McMaster or connect with her via LinkedIn!

Victor Ho
Wilfrid Laurier University

Victor Ho is a fourth year business student at Wilfrid Laurier University. He just finished his work term at Sun Life as a Business System Analyst. What really appealed to him at Sun Life were the culture and the work-life balance he has never seen in other workplaces. He hopes to reach out and connect with more talented students who are looking for challenging graduate opportunities. Meet him at our Rotational Leadership Development Programs Information Session on Thursday, September 19th at WLU or connect with him via LinkedIn!

Francis Duong
Wilfrid Laurier University

Francis Duong is a third year Business Administration and Financial Math student. He recently completed his first co-op position as a Production Support Coordinator at Sun Life Financial. Coming out of this with a bank of knowledge and hands on experience, he hopes to share it with others. Francis is looking to help his Laurier peers find their passion and build their career paths with Sun Life Financial. Meet him at our Rotational Leadership Development Programs Information Session on Thursday, September 19th at WLU or you can connect with him to find out more about the endless opportunities that SLF has to offer via LinkedIn!

Omar Ramus
Concordia University

Omar Ramus is a third year business student at Concordia University. He is specializing in Human Resources Management with a minor in International Business. He just completed his summer internship role at Sun Life as an administration assistant. He gained a lot of knowledge and developed various skills, especially working with senior management.  As a Campus Ambassador, Omar would like to share with his peers, the amazing student opportunities that Sun Life has to offer. Meet him at our Rotational Leadership Development Programs Information Session on September 13th at McGill University or on Thursday, September 19th at Concordia University. Feel free to also connect with him via LinkedIn!

Seva Kovtoun
Concordia University

Seva Kovtoun is a fourth-year electrical engineering Co-op student at Concordia University. Seva just finished two back-to-back work terms at Sun Life Financial as part of the On-Site Support team. His experience was a very memorable one since he got to develop his communication skills and got to understand how the IT department works within the company. He was supported by an incredible team and he looks forward to sharing his adventures with Concordia students. Seva even won the Employer’s Choice Award at the Annual Co-op Awards of Recognition Event last Spring! You can connect with him on LinkedIn and hear how you can join the team!

Vladimir Van Themsche
HEC Montréal

Vladimir Van Themsche est un étudiant de deuxième année au baccalauréat en administration des affaires à HEC Montréal. Il se spécialise en Finance et Marketing. Vladimir est un étudiant passionné qui est facile d’accès. Il espère pouvoir connecter avec les étudiants et les finissants afin de trouver les perles rares pour la Financière Sun Life. Étant toujours disponible à répondre à vos questions, venez le rencontrer ce mardi 12 septembre au dîner réseautage à HEC. Connectez-vous avec lui via LinkedIn!

Audrey St-Arnault
HEC Montréal

Audrey St-Arnault est une étudiante de deuxième année à HEC Montréal et poursuit son cheminement en finance. Elle a fait un stage cet été à la Financière Sun Life dans le département GB Administration. En tant qu’ambassadrice de campus à HEC Montréal, Audrey souhaite faire découvrir les opportunités et les avantages qu’offrent Sun Life pour les futurs diplômés. Vous pouvez la contacter sur LinkedIn, si vous avez des questions. Elle sera également présente au dîner réseautage à HEC ce mardi 12 septembre, venez la rencontrer!

Patrick Dufour
École polythecnique supérieure

Patrick Dufour étudie en génie logiciel à l'ÉTS. Co-op depuis 2016 chez Sun Life, cette expérience lui a permis de développer des compétences et de mettre en pratique ses connaissances en génie pour résoudre des problèmes d'entreprise. Il a travaillé sur plusieurs prototypes d'applications mobiles, lui permettant d'emmener à la vie des idées, de les présenter et potentiellement de les transformer en projet business. Il a également eu l'occasion de voyager à Toronto deux fois, afin de présenter son projet d'amélioration des processus de développement à la haute direction, lui permettant d'obtenir de la visibilité sur les projets qu'il a menés, avec l'aide de ses collègues. Pour Patrick, chaque jour chez Sun Life est un nouveau défi, ou il est poussé à innover, entouré d'une équipe fantastique. En prenant de nouveau le challenge d'ambassadeur sur le campus, il souhaite partager son expérience avec d'autres étudiants. Vous pouvez connecter avec lui via LinkedIn pour en apprendre plus sur son parcours!

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