Sullivan Entertainment

Toronto, Ontario

From the richly detailed pastoral masterpiece Anne of Green Gables, which established the company’s reputation in 1985, to the intense realism of the award-winning drama Under the Piano, and the charm and whimsy of Anne: The Animated Series, Sullivan Entertainment has provided audiences around the world with compelling and beautifully crafted movies, miniseries, TV series, animation, and now, feature films.

Sullivan Entertainment films have been praised for their visual beauty, their strong storytelling, and the fine acting through which they weave their unique spell. Sullivan has established a strong brand based on visual style, quality of writing and outstanding performances; an image that translates into a devoted international following and high expectation level for Sullivan productions.

The creative force behind Sullivan Entertainment’s critical and commercial success is Kevin Sullivan - writer, director, producer and company co-founder. Kevin Sullivan’s stature as a producer of on-budget, top-notch entertainment has attracted international investors and stars to his productions, adding even more prestige to the company. In U.S. film schools, Anne of Green Gables was studied as a model of TV drama with multi-generational, multi-cultural, appeal.

Sullivan Entertainment International is a major exporter of Canadian product around the world, with an inventory of over 600 half-hours of programming from all genres, including miniseries, feature films, family dramas, and children’s and variety specials.

Founded by Trudy Grant in 1981 to provide a distribution network for Canadian productions in the international marketplace, Sullivan Entertainment International has emerged as a major player in the world television industry.

The company’s penetration into many of the world’s less accessible markets is a key to its success that began with the miniseries Anne of Green Gables – one of the most successful internationally selling miniseries in history, with sales in more than 200 countries.

For over 30 years, Sullivan Entertainment International and now Sullivan Entertainment Europe – which will handle all international sales, will continue to move ahead, successfully introducing its popular product to emerging world markets, increasing acquisitions of product from top Canadian producers and distributing new award-winning programming.