Starbucks Coffee Canada


Connect To Something Bigger

Connecting with each other, with our customers and the communities we are a part of fosters a deep sense of purpose at Starbucks. We believe we can all become a part of something bigger and inspire positive change in the world around us. That’s why we go out to do community service as a team throughout the year (#extrashotofgood), partnering up with organizations to revitalize and enhance the neighborhoods we serve.


Starbucks jobs profile image 2At Starbucks, our Total Pay package is called Your Special Blend. It’s a benefits package that is tailored to the needs of our partners. And it’s designed just for you.

Partner Appreciation Day

A uniquely Canadian tradition, Partner Appreciation Day is a celebration in recognition of the amazing partners (employees) we have from coast to coast—in our stores and in our support centres.

The moments of connection our partners create every day in our communities, with our customers and with each other are what makes Starbucks Canada so special. Partner Appreciation Day serves as a milestone to thank each other in fun and unique ways for the daily contributions of each and every partner.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Starbucks, we strive to create a culture that values and respects diversity and inclusion. Our goal is to build a diverse workforce, increase competencies, shape a culture of inclusion and develop a diverse network of suppliers. Our welcoming work environment encourages partners to engage with one another and make Starbucks a place they look forward to working each day.

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