Toronto and Stouffville

Who we are

Sky Tune began in 2011 to provide people with the best possible media experience for a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite. Over the Air (OTA) TV is 100% free and legal, and higher quality than what is provided by expensive cable and satellite services.

Individuals and families need better options than cable and satellite, but we noticed how difficult it is to find the right products. Sky Tune simplifies the process. We provide and install antennas for OTA reception, as well as internet streaming devices that allow you to watch web content on your TV. We've found the best products and we'll install them at your home. You get a better media experience and save $1000s each year.

Our courteous technicians are highly trained, 100% bonded and insured. They provide prompt and flexible service schedules, and use professional equipment and supplies to protect your investment and home.

We are currently serving the Greater Toronto (GTA) and Stouffville areas.